Allergies – A Cause of Weight Gain

It is a fact which is universally believed that an intake of fatty diet and a lethargic lifestyle. However, it has been proven after careful study, taken out by Mark Hyman, MD and JJ Virgin, nutritionist and fitness expert, that intolerance for Gluten, Soy, Eggs, Corn, Dairy, Peanuts, Sugar and artificial sweeteners also causes obesity.

We all know what the extreme effects of an intake of food items that we are allergic to can cause: a fatal reaction of our immune system. However, this is not the only way that our body can react to allergies. The other type of reaction is hard to diagnose and is often left untreated. This kind of reaction causes bloating, constipation and weight-gain; problems that are not generally related to allergic reactions.

Our body may have mild allergies to different food items that we may not be aware of. This allergy can cause reactions inside our bodies that we remain ignorant about and may face health loss because of that. The internal reactions can cause a serious problem due to which our small intestines get inflamed.


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What happens is that, when an unacceptable food item, like those mentioned above, enter into our digestive system, it starts dissolving the walls of our small intestines. When this happens, the intestine begins to develop cracks. These opening allow bacteria and small food items to get mixed into the bloodstream. Now, everyone knows that the blood attacks all foreign objects; so the white blood cells charge with full energy to expel these alien feats. As a result, the infection begins. This means that a hidden fire lights up to expel a food item that is consumed on a daily basis.

Even though the body reacts to it in timely manner, however, the symptoms do not appear until after 72 days. Because of this reason, the cause of the anomaly remains undetected.

When this harmful process is repeated over and over, the inflammation spreads throughout the body and it becomes an easy victim to obesity and chronic diseases. It is due to the fact that this is such a recent discovery that allergists do not usually relate these problems to the intake of intolerant food items.

Get to know your Allergies

  1. Getting a blood test for lgG is the first step that you can take to know whether you have any allergies. Although it is seldom inaccurate, it is the best, and the quickest way to find out what is the main cause of trouble in your anatomy. It is because you are trying to find out about the possible allergies, it is recommended that you carry out the test with the assistance of an allergist or a nutritionist, as these are directly related to this field of study.
  2. The second method is kind of long and it requires persistence and patience. You have to go without all dairy and gluten products for about 6 weeks. So, you have to avoid cheese, milk, eggs, and yogurt and wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt, and triticale. These are related to insulin resistance and therefore, weight gain. Giving your system a rest from the constant battle against these possible intolerants will give you time to heal from inflammation and thus, this initiative can prove to be the most productive step towards weight-loss.
    Gluten-related disorders

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  3. If the above precaution does not work, then go without all the possible allergies Gluten, Soy, Eggs, Corn, Dairy, Peanuts, Sugar for full six weeks. Then, reintroduce a possible allergy, one at a time, for 3 days about 2-3 times a day and note if your system reacts.

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