Alopecia Treatment

Alopecia Areata is a type of hair loss condition which affects the regions of the scalp. It often results to baldness and thinning hair. It is more evident in men but there are also instances wherein alopecia leading to hair loss in women was reported.

What is the difference between Female Hair Loss and Male Hair Loss?

Alopecia in male is not only characterized by severe hair fall and balding but is easily recognized because of the distinguishing male patter baldness inherited by an individual. In similar manner, there is also a specific patter of baldness among women who suffer from extreme hair fall due to alopecia.

What Causes Alopecea Areata?

Hair loss cause due to alopecea areata is blamed to genetics and other auto-immune disorders like thyroid diseases, ulcerative colitis, lupus, vitiligo and rheumatoid arthritis.

What are the Hair Loss Treatments and Alopecia Areata Treatment options?

There is various alopecia areata treatment which can be applied or performed on the patients. Some of these are as follow

Hair Transplant

Those who have suffered from severe alopecia areata choose to undergo hair transplant as option for their hair restoration and hair treatment. Unfortunately, you should re-consider hair transplant treatment as option because there is sufficient reason that points it is an ineffective way of preventing balding and future hair fall. What the patient needs is not ready made hair grown synthetically on his or her scalp but sufficient vitamins for hair loss which can help strengthen the hair and thus prevent the thinning hair of an individual. Moreover, the hair transplant cost is very much expensive that it can only be luxuriously afforded by rich individuals.

Use of Hair Growth Vitamins

Hair growth vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E are effective treatment for hair restoration. You can take pills which contain these in different amounts or you can choose hair loss products like shampoos and conditioners which may contain rich amounts of these vitamins.

Alopecia areata bald spot

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Hair Growth Shampoo for Alopecea Areata

In choosing hair growth shampoo as hair restoration treatment is a wise and practical choice but you should know which types of hair loss products to choose so you can guarantee its effectiveness.

Stick with hair growth shampoo which contains natural sources of vitamins for hair loss like jojoba oil an grape seed oil extract. Anything that comes from nature, combined together into one potent solution and approved by the FDA are the best hair loss products to buy in the market. Not only will it stop hair loss but it may assist you in maintaining the wonderful luster of your hair.


This is a popular hair loss treatment product which is by far the only FDA approved and clinically proven hair loss treatment sold in the market today. It contains a potent ingredient, Minoxidil, which has been researched as an effective ingredient in hair restoration for both hair loss in men and hair loss in women. It is a powerful hair re-growth stimulant which will provide you visible results in a few week time.

However if you experience shedding during the first days, do not be alarmed because it is simply part of the normal process of hair growth. Continue with the hair loss treatment and follow its rule on proper application. For the occurrence of any unwanted negative side effects, it is best to go see your doctor to check which caused the allergen attack.

Hair Cloning

If hair transplant is not that favorable by doctors, hair cloning is more accepted. It is acclaimed to be the only solution that will forever stop hair loss and one of the best gifts medical science and technology has given.

During the process of hair cloning, new hair follicles will be extracted, cultivated and stimulated not from a donor but from the patients himself or herself. It makes use of proteins like Laminin 5-11, derma papilla and derma sheath.

This was discovered and developed by researchers who wish to put an end to the worries of many who are suffering from balding and thinning of hair. Of course, the visible signs of hair re-growth may take a few weeks but the moment new hair springs from your scalp these are guaranteed to be permanent hair that will stick to your scalp for several days.

Hair Loss Comb

If you haven’t tried using a hair loss comb as treatment for hair loss then several positive comments related to the use of these products may change your mind.

Gokkum comb is the traditional name of this hair loss comb. It is made from cow’s horn so it naturally contains protein substances that can help stimulate the growth of healthy hair strands. Combine this with herbs that are known to stimulate the follicle and you may soon find yourself with a good quantity of hair on your bald spot.


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