Better Diabetes Control

A study shows that better diabetes control in the last few decades have really resulted in optimum reduction of the rate of diabetes in the recent years. Diabetes has had a tolling effect on lives people giving great complications on all levels. Regina Regazzi, a 38 year old New Yorker, for instance, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a child. With regulation and control she continues to be an active and healthy person now. She is an executive recruiter and runs marathons in past time for fun.

She however leads a very strict lifestyle and takes her insulin test 6 times a day and sometimes even more. There are insulin pumps that she has to use keep her hormones stable all day. This way she is able to keep a check and keep her blood sugar close to normal as best.

For decades there has been the only advice for diabetes being one or two insulin injections in a day. Constant checking and monitoring of this kind is a fairly new concept but keeps those who are doing it accordingly, well on track. However intensive glucose control can affect the vision and even result in kidney failure or even heart damage. Many people might have to go through amputation if the need be. In the archives of Internal Medicine the reports show that people on Type 1 diabetes are doing better by far than they did 25 years back.

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