Donations of Breast Milk in Haiti go Ruined

Faith Ploude, lactation consultant spread the word about the need to donate breast milk for babies in Haiti at Mercy hospital on Maiami and her network of nursing mothers.

Ploude and a crowd of United States breast-feeding promoters may have give a free rein to a well-meaning but erroneous overflow of mother’s milk to the earthquake smashed nation, one that help workers in Haiti say was not requested and is not desired.

The international Emergency Nutrition Network has asked one group, the Human Milk Banking Association of North America, said that donations oppose best practices for babies in emergencies for breast milk. The Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance or OFDA states that such type of donations creates problems of supply, carrying, storage and cause impractical involvement.

Pauline Sakamoto, executive director of HMBANA said that the group only wants to fulfill the need in Haiti but now it will be use for babies of U.S and Canada as it is very valuable. Nursing mother wants to help those orphaned and premature infants in Haiti but cant due to improper support.

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