Good News for Chocolate Lovers-Chocolate Reduces Heart Attacks

When it comes to chocolates we all surely love them. There are also plenty of chocolate addicts out there who need an everydose of chocolate. For all such people, there is amazing news because a little bit of chocolate every day can reduce the risk of a terrible heart attack by almost 40%.

Some German researchers made it a point to properly follow around almost 20,000 people who were sent out an entire range of questions so that it would be entirely easier for them to keep tab of their diet procedures and more.

The good finding was that anyone who consumes a chocolate bar each day or at least six grams of chocolate had a much lesser risk of getting heart attack, by almost 39%. This study will be published in the European Heart Journal in Wednesday.

There have already been studies before that have shown that a certain amount of dark chocolate always tastes very good and is quite good for the heart. However it takes a certain amount of time for some kind of an effect to actually take place.

This is possibly because there are some flavonols within the chocolate that might be accountable. These flavonols which are also often found in food like vegetables or red wine definitely ensures that the human heart stays well protected because the muscles in the blood vessels widen.

Of course more importantly these studies shown are done by researchers who have only studied the people; they were not supplied with chocolate at any point of time.

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