The Hair Follicle Drug Test – What Can a Hair Analysis Tell Us

Whatever you take in, must come out. Regardless of what drug you have taken, your chances passing any drug test becomes lower each passing day. Among these test is the hair follicle test which scans for unlawful medication use and the abuse of professionally prescribed medicine. For this test, a few strands of your hair is taken from your head using scissors. The sample is then examined for indications of medication or drug use amid the 90 days before the test was taken. It’s regularly used to test for ecstasy, narcotics, amphetamine, pot, methamphetamine, etc.

While a urinary screen test can identify drugs in the system over the most recent couple of days, a hair follicle test can distinguish illicit drug use in the previous 90 days.

hair follicle drug testThe place where you work may ask for a hair follicle test to screen for illegal medication use before an offering a contract or arbitrarily during working hours. Some exploration likewise demonstrates that hair testing can be valuable for observing medication use for people in danger when utilized close to self-detailing.

If you think it is easier for you to overcome this type of control because the pee is diluted or if you fear a blood test can reveal how much you are altered at that time, make a request for a urine test. It is a less invasive method than the others.

Hair analysis

Hair wrinkle proteins may prove as useful as DNA tests in identifying individuals, a new study shows.
Currently, in legal medicine and archeology, DNA samples are used for identification, which we already know are unique to all individuals. However, the structure of DNA can be affected by chemical and environmental factors, which, in time, would limit its usefulness. Experts believe that proteins are more stable than DNA and can have unique variations for every human being.

Glendon Parker and her team at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory identified 185 protein markers in human hair but said in the study that there could be many more. Then they wanted to find out if these proteins could be useful for identifying people. The studies were conducted on six deceased individuals more than 250 years ago, and the success in identifying them demonstrates that the discovery of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is relevant.

Another undeniable advantage would be a short time needed to analyze the samples, requiring only two and a half days. Researchers estimate that the 185 protein markers found would be sufficient to make a unique model so that an individual can be identified from a segment of one million people.

The authors of the study hope to finally produce a set of protein markers enough to distinguish an individual from the entire world population on the basis of a single hair, and the technique will become an essential tool in the criminal arsenal.

Hair analysis is not 100% accurate

No test is safe. You can always ask for a counter-analysis though it will take longer. After all, time and abstinence are the only ways to pass a drug test.


Replacement of urine is a crime and can lead to serious legal risks, primarily if public institutions manage the examination. If the exam is for a job offer, try to clean your body with water and take the chance or try to find another job that does not require a drug test.

How To Overcome A Hair Follicle Test

A drug test is sometimes a filter that can prevent people who are otherwise healthy to be successful in life. It can prevent a qualified candidate to get a job or to overcome existing legal problems. If you know you have to test your hair follicle, do not panic. With information available on the internet, you can avoid the dreaded “positive” result.

Determine Probabilities

Know when to do the drug test. Legislation in this regard varies depending on the country of competence. Very often, job seeker sare tested as a natural part of the selection process, especially for low-skilled jobs or entry levels. In the United States, for example, federal agencies requesting drug testing abide by the procedures established by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA). Private employers usually have more freedom to choose test procedures. However, laws vary from state to state. Also in the United States, companies that hire commercial agents who have to travel a lot have to have an on-site drug testing program. Some employers may ask to undergo the test even after they have been hired. Find out more by visiting

Know which primary drugs the tests are performed more frequently

In the United States, employers compliant with the SAMHSA guidelines generally conduct tests for five specific drug classes. More specifically, amphetamines (methamphetamine, amphetamine, ecstasy-MDMA). Cocaine (powder and “crack” forms). THC (marijuana, hashish, edible cannabis products). Opioids (heroin, opium, codeine, morphine). Feniclidine (PCP, angel powder). The alcohol test is also occasionally performed, as well as for the medicines mentioned above.

Doctors tell us that a simple hair contains a great deal of information about our health. Mineral hair analysis can tell us if we have drugs in the body, diseases, and also how stressed and tired we are.

Most of us postpone how long we can visit a doctor, and we do not consider our health as a priority unless it is too late. Functional medicine specialists say that almost all diseases can be prevented if we find out in time. One of the innovative methods used by them to assess health is the tissue mineral analysis of the hair, also known as Kri-nicest.


Hair follicle tests can recognize illicit drug use around 90 days before the test date. That is on the grounds that the synthetic substances from the medications ends up in your circulatory system. However, they may not be fitting for deciding late drug use. That is because it might take five days for the drugs to be recognizable through a hair test. Pee tests are utilized to recognize ongoing drug use.

In case you’re taking recommended prescriptions, tell the person who is taking the test. Some meds may prompt a false-positive test outcome.

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