Men Pay Heed: Red Wine And Green Tea May Keep Prostate Cancer Away!

For men, there can be nothing more depressive than finding out that they have prostate cancer.  A surgery to remove a cancerous prostate gland usually means losing the ability to have an erection, as it damages the nerve that runs along the prostate.

In such a critical situation, the possibility to stop the cancer from growing seems like a miracle in itself.  Scientists published a new discovery in a medical journal called FASEB, which explains how red wine and green tea can hinder prostate cancer growth significantly.

This finding is considered very important as the knowledge that the compounds in these drinks can actually stop prostate cancer growth may lead to the development of drugs that could slow cancer progression.

When mice were treated with green tea and wine polyphenols, they showed a dramatically reduced tumor growth.

According to Gerald Weissmann, MD and editor-in-chief of the FASEB Journal, “ The profound impact that the antioxidants in red wine and green tea have on our bodies is more than anyone would have dreamt just 25 years ago. As long as they are taken in moderation, all signs show that red wine and green tea may be ranked among the most potent ‘health foods’ we know.”

In recent years, green tea and red wine have been hailed as great health foods and the benefits of consuming them are found to be many.  Scientists found that they have the capacity to reduce human cancer incidence and mortality, due to the presence of a broad range of compounds called polyphenols.  A recent study also reiterated the fact that red wine possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties and also works as a medicine to prevent heart disease.

Does that mean drinking green tea and red wine may actually keep the cancer away?  Drink in moderation and it could be beneficial, say doctors!

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