Natural Detox – The Natural Path to Good Health

Natural Detox

Everyday our body is exposed to millions of things that might not be healthy for it, but the good news is, they are avoidable in this day and age. Pollution, chemicals, food additives, and other toxins have become a permanent part of our life, no matter how much we try to avoid them. Natural detox is basically a way of cleansing your body from all the harmful toxins and chemicals that are endangering it.

Natural Detox

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In a nutshell, detoxification refers to cleaning of the blood. The natural detox process works in a way to completely rest, relax and cleanse your entire body from inside out. First off, it removes all the unhealthy toxins from the body and then rejuvenates it through provisioning of healthy nutrients. Natural detox basically aims to purify the liver where all the toxins are filtered out and also rests its focus on other body parts including the kidneys, lymph nodes, skin etc.

Do you Need Detox?

While you may be reluctant to give it a try, detox has as many benefits as one can think of. When do you know you need a natural detox? Well, health professionals would on average suggest that you detox your body at least once every 6-months.

Following are some signs that your body needs a little dose of cleansing:

  1. You feel fatigue and are lazier than usual
  2. You are having problems in digestion, constipation and food intolerances
  3. You are gaining weight unnecessarily or feeling bloated up
  4. Have been tested for severe irregularities in hormonal levels
  5. You have high cholesterol levels
  6. You are having skin breakout, acne, or other skin related problems


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These problems occur due to a number of reasons, but the most common ones include stress, smoking, drinking excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption, regular exposure to pollution or other chemicals such as pesticides, unnecessary use of makeup, skin creams and even intake of processed foods.

Benefits of Natural Detox

Natural detox can solve all the problems listed above and also make you feel healthier and more energized. In addition, it also offers several other benefits such as:

Weight loss

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  1. Weight loss: Reduction in cellulite and better metabolism are two major benefits of detoxifying your liver, as they lead to healthy weight loss by ensuring that the liver lets go off unnecessary liquids and fats as it begins to function properly.
  2. Hormone Control: When the liver is full of toxins, it is unable to break down the required hormones and maintain balance so as to keep your body fit. You may be faced with issues such as PMS, fatigue, mood swings and other problems related with hormonal imbalance. A natural detox will help you overcome all these, as it purifies and cleanses your entire system.
  3. Healthier Heart: The detoxification causes great improvement in your cardiovascular function by lowering chances of blocked blood flow, swollen arteries or veins and minimizing risk of heart attacks.
  4. Avoiding premature aging and associated diseases: The natural detox does not only clean us internally but also helps other bodily functions. According to Chinese, the liver and kidneys are the organs responsible for aging a person, and if your blood is not filtered and cleansed properly and remains “dirty” the organs start becoming weak and lead to premature aging.
  5. Better immune function: When your liver and kidneys function with perfection, the immune system is automatically boosted up decreasing chances of catching diseases and help in generating newer cells causing resistance to illness. This enables you to lead a much healthier life.
  6. Clearer skin and improved complexion: The effects of a natural detox are not only restricted to inside the body but are also visible on the outside with improved skin, a healthier looking glowing complexion and an overall healthy look.
  7. Fewer pains: By not allowing harmful toxins to build up in the liver system, natural detox also ensures prevention of joint pains, arthritis, and other bodily aches. Of course, you have to buy codeine if you are feeling mild pain. To make the liver strong and function efficiently, you should intake healthy nutrients.
  8. Improved lifestyle: One of the greatest benefits of natural detox includes the ability to reduce addiction from unhealthy junk food, high carb foods as well as the capability to avoid high sodium and alcohol intakes. These progressions make for a generally healthier lifestyle.

These are only a few of the many benefits the natural detox offers.

How to Naturally Detox?


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There are a number of ways to naturally detoxify your body including fasting, detox diets, use of juices and oils, yoga, medication etc. The first step would be to stop the intake of toxins and foods which cause toxin buildup in your body. These might include caffeine, oily foods, alcohol, junk food etc. Another major obstacle would be stress, so before the detoxification of your body, it is crucial to make sure your body is stress free. Make use of techniques such as yoga and meditation and avoid stress before your natural detox process can take place.

detox diets

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As for choosing the way to detoxify your body, a number of methods are available depending on what suits your individual needs. Some of the most common ones include:

  1. 4-7 day juice diet: drinking only fresh fruit and vegetable juice for consecutive given number of days
  2. Water detoxification: drinking only water any single day of the week, each week for natural detox
  3. Using detoxification packages: which mainly include fibers, minerals, herbs and vitamins
  4. Saunas and hot baths as a way of releasing toxins through sweat
  5. Utilization of detox foot pads etc.

Natural detox is a process that generally has no side effects associated with it, but your body may experience some trouble adjusting to a new diet or routine, so ensure, any changes you make are slow and steady. Healthy eating and exercise have to be a vital part of any natural detox process, so never leave them out.

Healthy eating

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CONDITIONS OF USE: The information presented above is by no means a professional medical advice and does not cover all possible uses, directions, precautions, drug interactions or adverse affects. Make sure to consult a professional in case you plan on making extreme changes in your lifestyle. Additionally, do not use any drug or discontinue the prescribed treatment without consulting your doctor.

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