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Natural Ways to Facilitate Health

Roughly 75% of healthcare spending in the United States goes to individuals who have acquired a chronic condition. According to the CDC, 70% of deaths in America come from some chronic disease. This means people in this country aren’t sick because they were born with a medical condition, or because some rare disease knocked them out of commission. They’re sick because they have unhealthy vices, eat the wrong foods, sleep irregularly, and don’t exercise often enough. It basically boils down to too many cigarettes, too much booze, too many twinkies, too much unhealthy sexual activity, too much excess, over-medication, and rampant pharmaceutical abuse. Around half of all overdoses in the US happen on prescription drugs.

Changing For the Better

Sometimes you’re in a situation that is continuously eroding your health, but you are literally helpless to get out of it. Consider this: certain blood pressure medication results in a man becoming unable to achieve an erection without using “the little blue pill”, or some variation of it. The blood pressure problems come from poor diet and exercise, the medicine is designed as a short-cut. This shortcut works–at the expense of a sexual drive with no outlet. So then the pills are taken for virility, predicating an increase in the blood pressure medication. Some medications have been known to induce severe coughs, and an increase in conditions like acid reflux. It’s almost like a racket! Once you start taking one, you need the other; and stopping either could be dangerous to your physical/mental health.

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The way to keep your health is to find what is causing the blood pressure problems and fix that, rather than attempting to medicate it away. This may require a lifestyle change. Perhaps you have been too meat-friendly in your life and need to switch proteins to a vegetable substitute like peanuts, soy, quinoa, or the like. Maybe it would be a better idea to start taking walks two or three times a week. Natural means of restoring proper blood pressure levels and virility will prevent the development and exacerbation of chronic conditions much better than trying to cheat your way through them with a cavalcade of pharmaceutical “solutions”.

Get A Checkup To Help You Develop Your Plan Of Self-Betterment

One of your first steps should be to consult a local physician, or an ENT doctor. Sometimes that cough is coming from a vice, sometimes it’s coming from a pharmaceutical in conflict with acid reflux. You may very well misdiagnose yourself without the assistance of a professional. Professionals can also give you an idea of what your body can handle, and what a healthy regimen of exercise would be. You may have food allergies, so before going the organic route, it also makes sense to get professional food advice.

What’s The Solution?

Sometimes the way to knock a chronic cough out of commission is to put that cigarette down and don’t pick up another one. Quitting can be difficult, though; and sometimes long-term cigarette use can lead to complications that require medical attention, like that offered on the east coast from the aforementioned ENT doctor in Princeton, NJ. It is not just smoking, though. Getting back into a proper balance with yourself and the world around you requires removing all influences which are known to contribute to chronic conditions. The list of afflicting agents may surprise you.

Unhealthy, illness-inducing items and activities include:

  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Painkillers
  • Diet Drinks
  • Processed Candy/Treats
  • “Junk” Food
  • “Fast” Food
  • Over-Processed Foods
  • Toxic Preservatives
  • Synthetic Foodstuffs (Margarine)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs In General
  • At-Risk Sexual Activity

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