Should you Buy Expensive Hair Dryers?

For many women, especially the working ones, running hair dryers through their hair is an everyday routine. They are too pressed for time, especially in the mornings and often use their blow hair dryer hot and the highest speed. When you go looking for the hair dryers in the markets, you will find all kind and types of models ranging from low cost to the expensive ones. But should we go for the expensive hair dryers and are they really worst the price? Well, this is exactly what we are going to discuss on this page. Just read on.


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What do Expensive Hair Dryers Boast of?

Expensive hair dryers tend to base their key selling point on speed and heat. The speed is ok but the heat will sound good only for a short period of time. You will see high tech worlds used like ionic technology, ceramic or tourmaline-infused parts that help conduct the heat more efficiently, promising less wear and tear on your hair.

But when you continue to use strong heat on your hair, gradually, your hair is getting damaged from inside as you are boiling the water and moisture in the shaft of the hair. Gradually you get a condition known as bubble shaft, which weakness the already damaged hair from within and you get rough dry hair that are more likely to break.

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What do the Cheaper Hair Dryers Promise?

You will see all the fancy features available in inexpensive dryers, too. So when picking a hair dryer, go for the one with lots of speed and heat settings, but use them on low settings only.

An average dryer’s wattage probably ranges from 1,200 to 1,875 and the expensive pro dryers can touch 2,500 watts. That means your hair dries faster.  If time is of the utmost importance, there is nothing wrong in investing in a dryer offering the best infrared or ionic technology, with a light weight body, an easy-to-use button to set hair and with years of warranty.

The Verdict

Go for the dryer that suits your needs the best. For some women, time is the essence while for the others the quality of their hair. A couple of the most expensive hair dryers introduced in the market are much lighter and promise to dry up hair 70 percent faster than an average hairdryer.

Again you should follow some tips when using the hair dryers

  • Keep them at least a foot away from your hair to minimize the damage.
  • It is best to let your hair dry naturally for some time before using the dryer.
  • For best results, section your hair before using.
  • Unless you’re diffusing curls, it is best to use the nozzle attachment on the hair dryer for faster results.

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Despite hefty differences in price and wattage, it was seen that there are not much variation in the drying time, among, the low cost as well as expansive hair dryer models. Just focus on your needs, weight, ease of use and noise factor when looking for the best dryer for yourself. And it need not be an expensive one.

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