Understanding The Health Benefits of Gardening

Gardening has always been a popular hobby. A lot of people love taking care of their front and back gardens. Some even go further and manage an entire plot of land as a hobby. Others choose a more hands-off approach and turn to new solutions like hydroponics to enjoy the best of both worlds. Needless to say, there will be a type of gardening that suits you.

Health Benefits of Gardening
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Getting started with gardening is also easy. Many who have taken gardening as a hobby find it therapeutic. Studies have shown that the health benefits of gardening actually extend beyond it being therapeutic and relaxing. That is why we are going to review and try to understand the health benefits of gardening in this article.

Good for Weight Loss:

Yes, gardening actually helps you lose weight. Maintaining your garden burns calories and forces your body to move. You may not realize it, but gardening can easily turn into an exercise you actually enjoy.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, gardeners have lower body mass index. They also have lower chances of gaining excessive weight and becoming obese. In fact, the same study reveals that you lose an average of 15 pounds when you garden regularly.

Good for Weight Loss
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There is no need to change the way you take care of the garden just to lose more weight or to exercise more. It is meant to be relaxing, so keep it that way and don’t try to turn it into something you’ll only avoid in the future.

It Is an Actual Workout:

Aside from helping you lose weight, gardening can also be a suitable workout for you. There are a lot of gardening-related activities that help the body move and be active in the right way. Tasks like carrying the bag of fertilizer that you just bought or picking weeds to stop them from ruining your garden are good exercises to add to your everyday routine.

Other gardening activities are considered high-impact. Pushing a non-motorized lawn mower, for instance, is a good workout on its own. If you take an hour to complete the front yard, you spend an hour working out and pushing your body. Pushing a loaded wheelbarrow or moving pots when rearranging the garden creates the same effect.

Actual Workout
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Good for Stress:

Despite the many tasks you have to complete to keep the garden healthy and fresh, gardening is still very relaxing. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, gardening is a hobby that soothes you. It is indeed therapeutic, and it is very good for stress relief.

The next time you feel stressed after a long day at work, take the hose and water your garden. Pay attention to the activity; it won’t be long before you are completely drawn in and you start feeling more relaxed about everything. That stress hanging over your shoulder is gone in just a few minutes.

The garden itself is helping you deal with stress. There is no better feeling than watching something you planted and cared for bloom. Seeing flowers or fruits in the garden – or even having a taste of something you grew yourself – is just priceless. It gives you an instant surge of serotonin and makes you feel better about yourself.

Boosts Immune System:

Boosts Immune System
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Many of us think of having dirt under the fingernails as unhygienic. It’s true that not washing your hands after spending time in the garden could lead to serious health risks. It is also true that the soil is filled with good bacteria and that contact with them can help the body improve its immune system and metabolism.

Today, you can choose from a range of greenhouse kits to grow your produce. After a while, the interior ecosystem of your greenhouse will also be home to the good bacteria helping your plants grow.

There is also the fact that you are improving your motor abilities. Gardening is good for hand-eye coordination. The more you enjoy gardening, the better your coordination and motor abilities will be. The hobby improves strength and trains your muscles, especially the fine motor muscles responsible for delicate movement.

The list goes on and on. Gardening is good for your self-esteem and allows the brain to remain sharp for longer. Gardening is a great hobby for those who really want to live a healthier life and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. Even better, you can grow your own organic vegetables right away, which is good for your pocket and even better for your waistline.

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