Uk Medical Journal Retracts Faulty Vaccine Study

A vital and major British Medical Journal, studied a faulty link between measles, mumps and rubella vaccinations for Autism and Bowel disease.

The withdrawal by The Lancet came after one day opposing medical journal, BMJ, spread a prohibited explanation asking for The Lancet to officially apologize for the study. The observations were to have been available on Wednesday.

The BMJ explanation states when the studies by the surgeon and medical researcher with their colleagues noticed The Lancet in 1998, “the influence was well thought-out by many to be confirmed and the frightening societal tragedy of the evil spirit vaccine took on a life of its own.”

Since the notorious paper was printed, British parents discarded the vaccines, moving to a resurrection of measles. Consequent studies found no testimony that, vaccine is associated to Autism, though some parents are still suspicious.

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