Video Gaming Leads to Surge in Rickets

Playing Games

Lifestyles of children in this modern world are leading them at risk of developing rickets. According to doctors, due to spending a lot of hours for indoor activities like playing games on computer or watching TV, children are suffering from a lack of vitamin D.

Deficiency of vitamin D, lead to rickets that related with poverty in Victorian Britain, but now coming back due to improper diet and decline of the outdoor activities as compared to previous generations to gain proper sunlight.

Researcher Prof Simon Pearce said:

“Kids tend to stay indoors more these days and play on their computers instead of enjoying the fresh air.”

A large number of patients are suffering from the symptom of rickets. According to Prof Pearce and Dr Tim Cheetham, more than 20 new cases are discovered every year in Newcastle alone and NHS reported that 100 children are going to get treatment every year in UK.

Rickets symptoms are develop bowed legs and fragile bones, and children of all ages up to youngsters are sufferers of this disease as they don’t grow properly and it further linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.
To overcome this disease, make the use of milk and other food containing Vitamin D essential part of diet.

Dr Cheetham also said that regular dose of cod liver was given to many children before fifty years but this treatment is over now. But according to another person Richard Wilson, giving blame to video games is not right as it is a good exercise for body.

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