Why you Need to Breast Feed your Child?

Recent reports seem to explain some of the preconceived notion that people have about breast feeding. Usually it is considered that black American women have a much lesser chance of feeding their kids in comparison to the white women.

Of all the black infants born in 2006 almost 60% were not breast-fed at all. This in contrast to the 77% of white infants who examined the Hispanic, Asian and white women about intentions of breast feeding among them.

There was definitely some kind of a difference between the black women and the women from other races when it came to the notion of breast feeding.

In fact black women felt comfortable with formula feeding over breast feeding and it is this growing trend or concern among them which makes it a whole lot easier to breast feed as the research people point out.

More importantly reports tell us that more and more messages should be put out there when it comes to the idea of breast-feeding without some kind of a proper idea about the problems that might crop up from formula feeding.

A study author from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical center recently stated in a news release tells us “public health campaigns to promote breast-feeding must also include messages regarding the risk of formula feeding” and then adds, “we know that formula-fed infants, even here in the U.S., are twice as likely to suffer an ear infection and two to three times more likely to develop gastroenteritis as compared to exclusively breast-fed infants.”

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