10 Best Soccer Clubs In The World Listed

Football is one of the sports played all over the world. There are many football clubs each of them renowned for their achievements. Here is an overview of the best soccer clubs in the world.

1. Persib Bandung:

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This is one of the best soccer clubs in Indonesia. It is known for playing friendly matches with teams such as Ajax, PSV, AC Milan and many other clubs. It has taken part in many domestic league championships without taking the help of a foreign coach or the foreign players. The best part is it manages itself very well without the help f government funds. It receives funds from its fans.

2. Galatasaray:

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This best team from Turkey is the winner of 2000 UEFA cup. Galatasaray struggled for great many years to emerge as the best team. It was able to attract world’s attention through its outstanding performance in various matches. It is a real team with good football club rankings.

3. Manchester United:

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This is an historic team from England that is renowned all over the globe. This English soccer club stands top in the list of football clubs. All of its team members play their best and has won many titles.

4. Fenerbahce:

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This is also an awesome team from Turkey. Fenerbahce is one of the best soccer clubs in the world. Few of its fans say that it is a team that never loses. It is considered as successful and best soccer club in Europe. The continuous success and best play from its boys is making Fenerbahce aim for Champions League.

5. Barcelona:

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It is one of the best soccer clubs in the world. Best and outstanding play exhibited by its players has made it win many trophies. The UEFA super cup and the world club cup are also included in its list of trophies. It is an awesome team that has won six competitions in a row in one year accomplishing the sextuple.

6. Real Madrid:

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This is a splendid team with best and youngest soccer players. Real Madrid remained as the best team in the past and always tries to remain as best team with committed game play. It gained victory against other best soccer clubs of the world.

7. Liverpool:

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This soccer club from England has fans from all over the world. The winning spirit of the players and great support from fans helped Liverpool win many trophies. It has several times attained best rankings among other football clubs. With talented players Liverpool continues to be the best team.

8. Chelsea:

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This unstoppable soccer club from England has best players. Chelsea is credited for perfect play anywhere whether it is homeland or a foreign country. Each and every player of the team makes his contribution to make it the best team.

9. AC Milan:

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This is another best soccer team from Italy. After its defeat in the Champions League, the team started to play well with commitment. The old players of the team are offering all they have to make it the best team. Their committed play is expected to help them bag few victories at the end of the season.

10. Bayern Munich:

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This is the best soccer club from Germany. With renowned national players the team is known for outstanding performance. All the team players follow team spirit and work together with a unique game plan to make their team victorious.

Lastly, this list of best soccer clubs in the world shows that every team does its best to make their homeland proud. The current value of these teams is in billions and their annual income is also in millions with slight variations every season.

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