15 Funniest Newspaper Headlines

Funniest Headlines

It is absolutely alarming to see how newspapers never seem to run out of crazy weird headlines. What starts out as a journalistic endeavor usually ends up being absolutely hilarious and over the top. Once printed it becomes difficult to get control over the usage of such newspapers. So you wake up in the morning and find the most hilarious headline in the very front page.

While it can be quite embarrassing for the editor, for readers it is a matter of sure and intense laughter. What adds to the entire funny factor is that such headlines are unintentionally funny. It can be a headline on something very serious too and this can tingle the funny bones when a reader reads something completely outrageous. So if you think jokes are funny, you will surely laugh out incredibly loud over the next few headlines.

They have also made quite a name for themselves because they are considered to be the funniest ever headlines of all times to come. Now looking at the wide range of funny headlines, which sure is a tough spot to compete for. So take a look for yourself and decide which headline you consider to be the funniest.

1. Tiger Woods plays with his own balls, Nike Says

Haha! In light of recent events surrounding the ace golfer, this Nike saying doesn’t seem too misplaced eh?

2. Missipp’s literacy program shows improvement

Uh huh? Well, whatever happened to teaching people to spell Mississippi properly before writing news on it?

3. Condom truck tips, spills loads

Now it’s a little difficult to point out here whether the reporter left in this funny headline intentionally?

4. Federal agents raid gun shops, find weapons

Ah well, whoever would have expected that?!

5. Anna Nicole Smith’s boobs exploder

Now that cannot be a pretty sight!

If you think these were funny then wait for most that are coming up. Some of the best and most popular newspapers across the world seem to be issuing such newspapers everyday. The sad part is that even after going through so much proof reading, papers perhaps don’t tend to realize the amount of humor they are creating. But some possibly leave such funny headlines behind in the front page because they are so darn hilarious! Even extremely serious news can be rendered absolutely side-splitting when it comes to such quirky headlines. Take a look at this headline for instance:

6. Man executed after long speech

This was the headline for The Boston Globe in the year 1994. It is indeed quite ironic how the reporter managed to take something as serious as the death penalty and turn into the butt of a joke. You can’t help but wonder if the man in question here was indeed killed because he spoke too long? Either way most people will probably remember this man more for this amusing headline than anything else. That is why funny headlines can become difficult to deal with, because it literally leaves behind a lasting impression!

The year 2009 seems to have hit an all time high when it comes to funny and quirky headlines. And this list is in fact ever growing because it has gems of its own. If you thought the previous headlines were hilarious, wait till you take a look at these headlines. Thanks to the newspaper circulation process of 2009, people now have a lot more to laugh about. That is what makes it even more amusing. Read on for more gems to be added to the laughter list of 2009 newspaper and this gets funnier, we promise!

7. Michelle Obama wore clothes to light the Christmas Tree

This is indeed hilarious.

8. Chance of rain depends on where you live

Now, this is quite a first for most people. Just when you were teaching your kids about weather and climatic detection from age old Geography books, look with the weather office pitches in! Check into more details about what they are predicting. It might not work out, but it will surely make you laugh!

9. Statewide survey shows “ball tapping” problem widespread

This too, just when you thought that it cannot get any funnier!

10. Seven testify toddler looked hot

Not only is this headline funny, but very very disturbing too at several levels.
So far you have seen the funny. Well what about the outrageous? Some of the funny yet outrageous headlines are just well a little over the top. Either too much is happening in one sentence or it is just impossible when it comes to reality. Now these headlines are extremely special because they not just top the funny list but also the outrageous list. So while reading them prepare to laugh and also be a little confused? Take a look to find out:

11. Man walks into a bar, grabs another man’s beer, chokes bartender

This is a classic case of too much happening in a single headline. In fact it’s almost like a funny movie plot!

12. Pink-Clad Pooch Stolen from Gay Bar by Man with Brittney Tattoo

Yes, it’s err a little confusing to say the least. Also, does this even remotely bring Paris Hilton to mind?

13. Pet dog’s underwear fetish almost proves fatal

So if you thought by now, you have read it all, this proves that you clearly haven’t!

14. Local child wins gun from Fundraiser

Not only is this disturbing, funny, confusing all at the same time but incredibly popular as a funny headline!

15. Man tries armed robbery with knife in gun store

This headline surely takes the cake when it comes to the complication aspect. Also this man appears to be quite the dare devil, and that is to say the least.

So now that you have more or less seen it all, you should definitely have more respect for your journalists. They do quite the hard work to not just gather relevant news but also go an edge further to make it hilarious for you!

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