8 World’s best affordable island hotels

A definition of a paradisiac island hotel goes beyond lying around cool earth-colour bamboo shacks. A first-class island that gratifies lounging desire of travellers, business folks and vacation enthusiasts—from high spenders to those who simply wish to record green memories shared with loved ones—is not just island that combines tropical lushness to heighten palm-fringed harmony, but also that stylish and elegant resort of enchanted oceanfront island.

The fantasy of this perfect island is emptied by modern sky-high hotels and exorbitant resort prices. We have listed first-rate, affordable and treasure-island hotels you can get as low as $70 and above.

Lefkes Village Hotel in Paros, Greece

Paros has proven its share in Greek’s Cycladic Island that depicts Greece as one of the world’s top Treasure Islands. The 20-room modern Lefkes Village Hotel in the tranquil corner of Paros contains a minute museum, a tavern nourished with natural resources from gardens and fruit trees, and a lovely swimming pool which harmoniously synergise to heighten the archetypal depiction of Greek’s bougainvillea-festooned houses and antique churches.  One beautiful thing about Paros Lefkes Village Hotel is that despite its chic status, you can still get services as low as $70.

Lefkes Village Hotel in Paros

Sangat Island Dive Resort in Palawan, Philippines

The gently inhabited island of Palawan is a perfect depiction of wealthy and inspiring underwater in the Malay Archipelago. The first pleasurable gush at the sight of the island and its coral reef is a wholesome dive before you move back to your cottage at the Sangat Island Dive Resort situated at the foot of the towering limestone cliffs.
The Resort is an adornment of dazzling textiles, bamboo floors and walls and terraces slung with hammocks. With a starting fee of $85, you can explore the vastness of beautiful ocean scenery.

Sangat Island Dive Resort in Palawan

Fishers’ Loft in Newfoundland, Canada

Sitting adorably on one of the distinctive Canadian islands, the Fishers’ Loft oversees the ship Cove harbour and Trinity Bay, thus proving enriching scenery.  It is an ideal traditional clapboard and shingles of ancient 1800 which resurrects Canadian evocative seafaring. Pleasurable opportunities abound for guests—wale spotting as well as relishing iceberg, though this is dependent on season. With as low as $99, you are eligible to relish all that this resort offers plus fresh meal sourced from ingredients in gardens and the inn’s greenhouse.


Rosario Resort and Spa in Orcas Island, Washington

The historical pedigree of Orcas Island is not just enough to place this resort on the rung of world’s best affordable hotels. This V-shaped 40-acre resort did not just share lands with Moran Mansion, the magnificent former home of shipbuilder and previous Seattle mayor Robert Moran, perfection of its beauty reaches its peak as it overlooks East Sound and Cascade Bay.

Rosario Resort and Spa in Orcas Island

With only $99, you are sure to relish goodies at this island gateway that has become a museum housing model ships and outstanding collection of Arts and Moran-furnished crafts.

La Tosca in Capri, Italy

With only a hundred dollar a night, you will relish the charm and beauty of one of the most reputable hotels in one of Italy’s finest city. La Tosca provides a glance opportunity of the Faraglioni rocks arising from the breakfast terrace.
The hotel has solid textile, tiled floor finishing with windows providing you a view of either the Mediterranean Sea or the garden. With only $100, you can join thousands of guests to relish the freshness of La Tosca within a stone throw of the island popular Piazetta, the Monastery of St. Giacomo and the Gardens of Augustus.

La Tosca in Capri, Italy

Villa Serena in Dominican Republic

The stretch of coastline in Northern Island— Samana Peninsula is undoubtedly becoming a hot spot in the eyes of tourists and vacation enthusiasts. One of the perfect charm of peninsula is its group of modern hotels inclusive of Serena situated in the Las Galera’s Bay. It features Caribbean colonial style: wooden shutters, acres of white gingerbread trim, Palladian arches surrounded by tropical garden. It has a starting fee of $110.

Villa Serena in Dominican Republic

Auberge Seraphine in St. Lucia

The verdant Caribbean island of St. Lucia is one of the world’s best affordable hotels you can find around. This family-managed hotel on the northern coast with an awesome auberge and its remarkably cool pool is very close to sailboat-packed Vielle Bay. A visit to St. Lucia’s Auberge Seraphine where you will be treated with seafood risotto and lobster is just a place you won’t like to miss.

Auberge Seraphine in St. Lucia

La Veranda Resort in Vietnam

Despite the increasing tourist’s radar focusing on the country’s largest island, La Veranda Resort in Vietnam nevertheless remains a very serene minute town of note which undoubtedly continues to pool guests to its pleasant shores. La Veranda Resort is a two-story resort which radiates elegance and allure of French colonial age.

La Veranda Resort in Vietnam

It has well-ventilated rooms with drape-covered beds in rooms opening into the ocean or sultry garden. The dining room is often rich with Pan Pacific cuisine on a stretched veranda and sociable lounge bar designed with scarlet walls. It has a starting fee of $140.

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