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Human beings are social animals. They can’t live alone, other than fellowmen; we naturally want some other species to be closes to us. The term “Pets” is not strange anymore. All over the world people keep animals within there houses for enjoyment. Your favourable pets can give you livestock, companionship and relief from many psychological stresses. So, pets become partners in your everyday life.

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Nowadays science has proved the positive effects of a loyal pot on his owner. Specially dogs, as they are the most loyal friendly and playful.

It’s very interesting to note that your personality reflection can be seen in your pet. For example sporty people normally have dogs, horses as their pets. Wise housewives keep hens for their eggs and cows for milk, young girls like birds – singing birds and cats. It’s how your pet choice varies with your age, mood and requirement.

Media’s Role:-

Nowadays media is the most directing tool in our life. Movies, TV serials and famous cartoons of the time also help in making choices of the pets and pet’s name as well.

Pets fashion shows and beauty contests encourages pets owners to take good care of their sweet animal.

Naming the Pet

Its very interesting to note how people name their pets. Whole family gathers and everyone suggests their favourite names. “JACK” is one of the popular names among pet dogs.

Local restrictions

Law and order about keeping pets varies from country to country, state to state. Lime the number of pets a person can have, certain pets are totally prohibited in residential areas.

Many breeds of dogs are not allowed locally, specially the Wolf and dogs mix.
For birds like Eagle and Australian parrots, owner has to take license from the state authorities otherwise you cants keep them as your pet in some Asian countries.

At several places, animals that are used as livestock by their owner, like hens, pigs, horses, camelids, cows and fowls on large areas might be banned by local rule regulators. Because the person consider these animals as his pets but authorities won’t allow such large number within cities.

The pet “owners” are only there “Guardians”, it’s a very firm rule in the cities of Barkley, Colorado and Boulder. While the authorities of city Condominium have banned the animals living in a cage and fishes of aquarium because of their health hazards, noise and smell which can disturb others.

Locally Popular Pets

Cats and Dogs are among the two most famous pets in the Western World. People here are more interested in keeping only one pet at a time. It’s amazing to know that 71.1 million of the U.S. householders are pet owners.
A survey conducted in 2007-08 showed that “Dog” is the most commonly owned pet in U.S. but the total number of pet “Cats” is much higher than the dog, Surprising isn’t it?

Reptiles are the next to pet dogs and cats. Birds and horses come after.

Personal Choice of A Pet:-

Everyone loves to have pets in the Western World, reasons not owing pets are normally: lack of time, money, places and management skills for keeping pets.

The estimated cost of a dog for lifetime is more or less USD 33,152. People caries in heir reasons of keeping pets, but commonly these animals are a source of joy, companionship, moral support and security for their owners.

Effects of Owner’s Habits on Pet’s Health

While keeping pet one should feed them properly with the food they require, right quality and quantity should be considered. Otherwise your household pets damage their health by eating chocolates as they are not good for dogs.
The owner should also take care while smoking, inhaled by animals can cause reparatory disorders. And “fur” of certain pets might be aggrieved by dropping smoke substances on them.

Alcohol must not be placed within pets reach.

Effects of pets on their caregiver’s health


  • Constant support for elderly people
  • Makes them feel alive, giving companionship while exercise, eating, going out and even watching movie.
  • Loyalty and love generated by pet makes the owner heal quickly from physical and psychological shocks.
  • Pets help people to achieve their health goals, like lowering high blood pressure increasing daily workout – similarly reducing stress and depression etc. And thus the owner lives healthier, stronger and longer life.
  • People owing pets unknowingly reduce the chance of having health attack by 2%, and American Research.
  • Trained pets like Dogs helps their disable and elderly owners doing routine activities.
  • It’s believed in Asia that bird pets like Peacocks and Turkeys have power to fight back “Black Magic” and “Evil eye”.

What ever is the truth but pets are having many good effects on owner’s well being.

Pets in Long-run care centers:-

Pets for such training sections are chosen on the basis of breed, sex, size and eating habits. Training here under qualified doctors, nurses and trainers makes your pet more appropriate for clinical health while sickness.

Pets undergo a screening process and additional training sessions to become a reliable therapy pet. Dogs are the most efficient therapy pets.

Health Risks

Not to make you afraid, but to be safe and pet loving. Following are the major health hazards on owner:

  • Danger of asthma and allergies caused by dander and fur or feathers.
  • Injuries and Mauling can be caused by the pet’s bites, even death can occur on dangerous attacks if they go wild.
  • Due to lack of appropriate treatment, diseases can be invited fast due to animal’s hygiene problems.
  • Irrational behavior by the pets can cause mental stress.
  • Diseases can be spread like fatal rabies, if not taking care of the pet properly.

Still a good companion for your recreational time or when you don’t have someone with you from a close relation. In order to keep the pet’s health and yours too, it is better that you keep a good care and follow the instruction seriously, before you get sick enough and tired up, and start thinking to throw the pet away. The world is full of beautiful species and man-loving animals, which are able to give and gain full love by and to the pet guardians.

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