Which are the World’s Most Longest Roads?

There are many long highways throughout the World. However, have you ever wondered which the Worlds 10 Longest roads are? Indeed they are scattered all over the world, but here is the list of the World’s 10 Longest Roads in case you want to know. In most of the cases, the longest roads are highways that span across continents.

1. Trans Highway:

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One of the longest Roads in the world is at Canada. This highway runs across an astronomical length of above 4800 miles across the stretch of Canada. The highway starts from Vancouver Island located in British Columbia and runs through the Continental divide. In all, this Trans Highway is known to run across as many as ten different provinces and 5 time zones. After crossing through these 10 provinces, the highway finally ends at New Foundland. No wonder that it took almost 8 years to complete this highway.

2. Siberian Highway:

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The next one on the list is the federal highway located in Siberia. This highway is known to start at Russia and run across Baltic Sea to Sea of Japan. The trans highway is known to span across 11000 kilometers.

3. Route 6:

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Almost everyone across the world has heard about route 6 in some context or the other. After all, this route is one of the most famous routes worldwide. If you are wondering why, then here is the answer .This Route was founded way back in 1925 and spans across Province town, Brewster and Massachusetts. Later on, this famous stretch was extended to California making it boast a length of 3940 km.

4. 401 freeways:

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This famous stretch is also known as the Mac Donald Cartier freeway. This awesome stretch of highway is known to last for 507 miles. It starts at Detroit and ends near Montreal.

5. I 90:

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This route is often referred to as the Interstate 90 highway belonging to the United States of America. The highway is known to run across the famous Continental divide and span across 4987 km.

6. Interstate 80:

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This Stretch of I 80 is known to be the second longest highway in the USA. The highway is known to run across San Francisco, California, Teaneck and New Jersey.

7. Highway 1:

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The Highway 1 in Australia is the longest highway in Australia that runs across the whole continent. The Highway 1 is known to have a length of 14500km that makes it one of the  world’s longest road. On a daily basis, as many as 1 million people are known to access this Highway in some manner or the other.

8. Pan American Road:

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This Highway lasts for as much as 48000 kms and has network through a major part of Northern America. Though the exact length of this highway is unknown, many guess that it spans across 1600 miles in total if not more.

9. Desert Highway:

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The Tarim Desert Highway is better known as the Cross Desert Highway. As the name suggests, this highway spans from north to south of the desert. It connects remote places like Luntai in South to Tarim Basin in north. The estimated length of the highway is around 446 km and is known to pass through vast desert stretches and sand dunes. People travelling through this stretch have sworn of the beauty of the sight-seeing one gets to visit while travelling across the highway.

10. Highway 409:

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Last but certainly not the least is the Highway 409. This stretch of highway are actually freeways that span across the Southern limits of Ontario in Canada, This stretch of the highway connecting the airport located on Highway 427 is also known as Belfield Expressway.

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