10 World’s Greatest Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

World’s Greatest Mysteries

Science has advanced to an extent that humans have now even reached other planets and are planning to colonize them. Each day, some new scientific breakthrough is introduced and it gives us humans a reason to pride ourselves. With that said, there are still some rare and creepy mysteries of the world which no scientist, historian or any other human being has been able to solve. Here is our list of 10 world’s greatest mysteries which remain unsolved:

1. Bermuda Triangle

Also knows as the ‘devil’s triangle’, the Bermuda Triangle is located on the west of North Atlantic Ocean and is cornered by San Juan, Miami and Bermuda. Over the years, unexplained phenomena have happened near the region, which involve disappearance of aircrafts and ships. The first incident was recorded in 1945, when an aircraft by the name ‘Flight 19’ disappeared while flying over the Bermuda Triangle. All 14 men on the flight lost their lives. Surprisingly, the rescue aircraft sent by the US air force to investigate was also reported missing in the same region.

2. Patomskiy Crater

The Patomskiy Crater, better known by its other name, “Fire Eagle Nest” is a strange rock formation located in Southeastern Serbia, near the Irkutsk region. History tells that a geologist, Vadim Kolpakov once set out on an expedition to Siberia where he discovered what is now known to be one of the world’s greatest mysteries. The humongous crater is about the size of a 25-storey building and nobody has been able to explain its origin. Some people say it was caused by a meteor or a volcano, while others believe that a UFO may be hidden underneath it.

3. Flight MH370

The Malaysian Airline ‘Flight MH370’ caused frenzy worldwide when it went missing in mid-air on July 17, 2014. A total of 235 passengers lost their lives and no scientific explanation has been put forward yet explaining how did the plane go missing. The plane debris has been found at various locations on the sea but where and how did the passengers go missing. What exactly happened to the MH370 remains one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

4. Crop Circles

Crop Circles are another unexplainable phenomenon, which has sparked interest of people from all around the world. They are basically a crop formation created in a specific pattern by flattening the crop. The images taken from around the globe show some highly artistic crop patterns, which are terrific in terms of their precision. It suggests that they are not the work of a regular human being. Farmers cite that they found some amazing crop patterns emerging just overnight, and no one can explain who did it.

5. Stonehenge

StonehengeImage by Wikipedia

The standing stones of Stonehenge can be found in Wiltshire, England. Research tells us that they have been standing in this particular way since last 5,000 years but despite all the study, investigation and analysis, no historian has been able to tell what the purpose of their construction was. Some astrologers suggest they were used as calendars or to track heavenly bodies, but what was its true purpose is still anonymous.

6. Easter Island

The Easter Island is one of the most isolated islands in the whole world. Around 1,200 years ago, a civilization developed in this area and the people who called themselves ‘Rapa Nui’ built these magnificent structures out of volcanic rock. These sculptures are called ‘moai’. After thousands of years, they still stand strong. But the question remains, why Rapa Nui people built these sculptures?

7. Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of GizaImage by Wikimedia Commons

The favorite site of most archeologists and historians, the Pyramids of Giza has remained one of the world’s greatest mysteries. The splendid structure stands 481 ft tall and some of the stones weigh over 50 tons. The most shocking thing is that the three pyramids align themselves perfectly with the Constellation of Orion. They were built around 2,000 BC, before the birth of wheel. Some people believe that aliens helped in building these pyramids, but no logical explanation has been put forward by scientists or historians.

8. Roswell Incident 1947

The Roswell incident occurred in New Mexico as an ‘unidentified flying object’ crashed near Roswell. People claimed that it was an extraterrestrial spacecraft owing to the strange debris found. To this day, conspiracy theorists believe that US government is hiding the Roswell incident and may possibly have aliens in their custody.

9. WOW Signal

In 1977, Jerry Ehman a worker at ETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, recorded the longest heard signal of 72 seconds coming from the Sagittarius constellation located around 120 light years away. The signal was believed to be sent by intelligent aliens, however after 72 seconds it was never heard again. Jerry wrote the words ‘Wow’ out of excitement on the original printout of the signal, after which it was known as the ‘WOW’ signal.

10. City of Atlantis

The mighty city of Atlantis was mentioned in the works of Plato. It was an advanced civilization which existed around 2,600 years; however, history suggests that it sank into the ocean. The question whether Atlantis was a part of Plato’s imagination or a real existing civilization, remains one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

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