4 Perfect Gifts for the Recent College Grad

When someone that you’re close to graduates from college, it’s a big occasion. They’ve worked hard, applied themselves, and have seen their commitment through to the finish. It’s a time that is marked by parties, and those parties often include gifts.

While many might choose the safe route and give the always welcome gift of cash, others choose items they think the graduate might need as they start their adult lives. Pots and pans or a set of muffin tins might seem like a good idea at the time, but are those things items that will see any use?

If you have a graduate in your family and would like some ideas that they’d really love, read on to discover four gifts that your grad will enjoy, and ones that they might actually use.

1. Electronics

You might think that people in their 20s have enough electronics to last a lifetime, but if you ask them they’d tell you otherwise. It’s likely that most recent graduates have been using the same laptop computer or camera for the entirety of their college career. It’s also likely that the quality of those items was never actually very good.

The gift of a good laptop

Anyone making their first foray into the job market needs a good laptop. High performance models can cost upwards of $2,000, but the quality is impressive and it can last for several years. The gift of a good laptop can be especially useful for someone interested in starting their own business after graduation.

A good camera can also be an expensive gift, but it’s certainly one that will be well received. After four years of taking photos on a smartphone, any graduate would be thrilled to use a camera that produced high quality photos.

2. Life Coaching Services

It’s true that it’s not easy to be new to the job market, but right now it’s even more difficult than ever. Moving from the classroom to the work force is stressful and confusing, and some people might be uncertain as to what they need to do to succeed.

Offering the gift of life coaching services can be invaluable. Life coaches can help one to become organized, define goals and milestones, and help to implement a plan. For many people, discussing these issues with an objective professional is easier than it is to talk to parents or friends, and life coaches hold their clients accountable in ways that friends and family likely won’t.

3. An International Plane Ticket

perfect-graduation-giftIn parts of the world a recent graduate often takes an extended trip abroad. Known as the gap year, this allows young people to see some of the world and gather new experiences before they settle in to the rigors of daily life, work, and adulthood. While the vast majority of Americans don’t take on an adventure like this, but you could help your grad buck that tradition.

An open-ended, international plane ticket is the perfect graduation gift. Purchase a ticket to a major hub in a part of the world that your grad might be interested in, such as Paris or Bangkok.  Purchase the return flight from the same city approximately six weeks later. The adventures and experiences that are had while traveling are invaluable, and your grad will come home with knowledge and a sense of cultural awareness that can’t be had in any other way.

4. A Top of the Line Mattress

After four years of tossing and turning on bad dorm or student apartment mattresses, anyone would be ready for a break. Since growing up sometimes means that a mattress on the floor just isn’t good enough anymore, why not purchase a better quality mattress as a graduation gift?

A good mattress can last for many years and will likely become something that your grad cherishes. After a long day of being a work or postgraduate classes there’s nothing quite like an exceptional bed that is waiting at the end of it. Adjustable beds like Sleep Number provide the utmost in comfort but might be too cost-prohibitive. Thankfully there are other less expensive adjustable beds out on the market. How can you go wrong with the gift of sleep?

Gift giving can be difficult for any occasion, but choosing a gift for a college grad is doubly so. When in doubt don’t simply reach for your checkbook. Consider some of these gifts that are not only practical but will also encourage a new grad to take his or her life by the horns and give them some of the tools they will need for success.

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