3 Affordable and Unforgettable Things to Add to Your Bucket List

We all know that life is short, and we also know that the older we get, the fewer opportunities we seem to have to experience some truly unforgettable events and moments.

Add to Your Bucket List
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Well, if you’re looking to edit or update your “bucket list” (i.e. the things you hope to do before you kick the proverbial bucket and shuffle off this mortal coil), then here are three ideas that aren’t just unforgettable, but are affordable as well:

1) Volunteer:

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Volunteering may seem about as exciting as getting stuck in an elevator. But once you experience it from the other side — i.e. as a valued volunteer — your only regret is that you didn’t start sooner. Indeed, whether you’ll help economically disadvantaged people learn basic job skills, cool and sell baked goods to raise funds for a local shelter, or carry out any other meaningful and important work, this much is guaranteed: you’ll be grateful for what you have, proud to be making a difference, an inspiration and role model to those around you, and searching for even more time in your busy life to lend a hand. Volunteering is the gift that you keep on giving: not just to others, but also to yourself!

2) Rent a Party Bus:

OK, let’s head to the other end of the spectrum: renting a parting bus is decadent and luxurious — which is exactly what you need to experience it at least once (but you’ll probably do it many times after you get a taste). Truly, you have to look inside one of these glorious “clubs on wheels” to appreciate what they have to offer. You can rent one for a birthday party, to hang out with your friends, or to take someone special in your life on an excursion that neither they nor you will ever forget. Just ensure that you choose a licensed and reputable party bus rental company.

3) Be a Staycation Tourist:

Staycation Tourist
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So, you think that you know your city inside and out, do you? It’s a safe bet that there are places you’ve never seen and stories you’ve never heard. Don’t let out-of-town tourists have all of the fun. Do some local sightseeing and you’ll be amazed at how easy and cheap it is to have an adventure right in your own backyard (and as a bonus, you don’t have to worry about getting dinged by currency exchange fees or having to stand hours in line to clear customs — what’s not to love?).

The Bottom Line:

Who says you need to be loaded to have an enriching bucket list? The suggestions above are affordable, exciting and unforgettable. Have fun and remember, you only live once!

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Jyotsna Ramani is a passionate writer and an avid globetrotter. She had a knack for writing since her early years, though that was mostly letters to her penpals and jotting her thoughts down in her "Dear Diary". Over the years, she realized how her hobby could turn into a full time career and she started writing web content, books and pieces for local magazines. There has been no looking back ever since. Follow Jyotsna Ramani at Google+

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