Ballet Requires Tights For Many Reasons

Tights And Shoes Are Almost A Ballerina’s Musical Instruments

You know, you don’t need a musical instrument to make music. You can sing and whistle all on your own. You can tap the ground with your hands, or use a couple of sticks on a couple of rocks to design a beat. There are many things you can do that have a musical nature to them and require no additional instruments whatever. But instruments give you greater range.

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When you can play all the notes on a keyboard regardless of your ability to sing them, suddenly you can express the tunes in your mind which physical limitations prevent you from conveying.

Likewise, when it comes to dance, you don’t necessarily need dance shoes, or leotards, or any of the particular accoutrements traditionally associated with the medium. You can backflip onto a given stage without a stitch of clothing and commence to writhe about. But visually, psychologically, physically, and actually, you will be limited in what you can do.

Audiences will not perceive your dancing with perhaps the gravitas you intend. And even if they can perceive it with proper gravitas, you’re going to be limited by your own pain tolerance. If your knuckles don’t have callouses built up on them, certain moves won’t be possible. The same will be true of your knees, your feet, and other anatomical portions of your body.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got the right dancing attire, you are able to literally stand on tiptoe with that weightless expression ballet is so known for. You’ll be able to spin as well, making a flowery shape as the dress surrounding you is stretched by centrifugal force and begins to appear like a dandelion seed drifting on a springtime breeze.

Tight Providers provides ballet tights among a bevy of other such leotard solutions, even extending so far as to provide body tights which, according to the site: “…cover the majority of the body, providing a seamless look between top and bottom. They allow for the dancer’s entire form to work as one and make great practice and performance garb.”

If you’re going to maximize your dancing ability, you need the right dancing attire; this is for precisely the same reason that a musician’s talents are best utilized through the studied practice and utilization of a musical instrument.

Tight Advantages

If you’ve got the right tights, you’ll stay warm in cold rehearsal spaces, allowing you to have greater control over your body’s movements. Ever caught the shivers and tried to do anything substantive? You can’t. Certainly a workout warms your body, but if your performance is only five minutes, you might not have time for such a thing. Meanwhile, warm tights facilitate a fix.

Additionally, the naked body only looks one way. With the right dance costume, your body can be used as a blank canvas on which can be painted all manner of interesting visions. As a matter of fact, you can even have certain colors, designs, configurations, and fabrics designed such that they meet a particular aesthetic requirement directly.

But for all these things, you’re going to need to source your dancing apparel from a provider who has passion undergirding their product development and provision. It’s no use finding clothing that looks perfect, but can’t stand to allow any flexibility. The clothing will rip, the performance will suffer.

One of the most important aspects of any dancer’s performance repertoire are her tights. These allow for visual aesthetic, range of motion, warmth, and protection against things like harsh floors or aerial maneuvers which incorporate certain gymnastic elements.

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