Great Places to Spend Christmas 2011

Christmas is one festival everyone waits for as it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and within the next six days it is followed by New Year. Many of the schools remain closed for this season. Instead of spending time at home, a lot of people desire to spend their Christmas holidays far away from their homes. There are some great places to spend Christmas 2011. If you are not fully aware of some great destinations to spend Christmas some research can be done first.

Look for places to spend Christmas that offer something unusual. All you need to find is a destination that offers enjoyment and relaxation. Each destination has something unique to offer; hence they are different from each other. Finland, USA, Germany, Australia, Scotland and New Zealand can make some of the most exciting Christmas vacation destinations. First you will need to get detailed description on all these places.

Enjoy Enthusiastic and Traditional Celebrations:

Christmas is celebrated enthusiastically and traditionally in Finland. Classic items like cotton, fruits and candles are used as part of decoration. Roasted pig, boiled potatoes, fresh ham, and codfish (boiled) form Finnish dinner for Christmas. Ice skating, sledge riding and skiing are some of the winter season activities you can enjoy.

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Coral reefs, architecture of the colonial era, beautiful sandy beaches and stunning beauty of nature are some things that can help give you an exciting holiday in the USA. Hawaii, New York, Bahamas, Miami and Chicago are some of the places you can consider visiting in the United States of America. In Florida you can visit Disney World.

It is rare to find snow when you spend Christmas in Germany. Glow Wine or Gluewein are the traditional drinks to enjoy when you are in Germany. Experiences here are relaxed and unique. Great German cuisine including German goose, chestnuts, cookies, and ginger bread and candy apples can be enjoyed.

Visit Scotland and Australia:

Australia has beautiful summers during Christmas so you can enjoy the beach and sun. Days are longer which means more time can be spent on the beach. Adelaide Christmas Pageant  is the largest parade in the world and attracts hundreds thousands of people to the city. Also Carols by Candlelight are most famous here. You can book a hotel in Adelaide with Expedia for Christmas in advance with low prices. You can also have a great time surfing in the beautiful Bondi beach in Sydney.

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Scotland is a popular destination for its scenic beauty and mountainous regions.  Scotland is located within the parts of Great Britain and European North Western region, and is famous for its lakes providing fresh water.  There are at least 790 islands and the North Sea binds it. Snowcapped mountains and wonderful sceneries can be seen here. The crisp mornings with low winter sun gives the feel of the festive season when you spend Christmas 2011 here.

Choose from these Seasonal Destinations:

No ice or snow is seen in New Zealand which experiences a mild temperature all through the year. It is located in the southernmost part of planet earth. If you prefer to enjoy basking in the sun more than the snow, then this is certainly one of the greatest destinations. Japan, Rome, Austria and the Caribbean islands are the other places to spend Christmas. Before the trip is planned, a thorough research has to be carried out and advance bookings need to be made as well.

If roasted potatoes and cold turkey is not the alternative you are looking for then seasonal destinations for the holiday can also be considered. Aspen is a playground for the famous and rich. This resort in the mountain makes a fantastic break for a Christmas holiday. Celebrities can be spotted on the slopes of these mountain resorts. You can sip delicious cocktails, spend cool nights at the nightclubs and relax at the ski lodges or at the luxurious hotels which are truly romantic. For young and adventurous people, Aspen is a perfect Christmas holiday destination.

Need a Reindeer to complete the picture?

If you love seeing the reindeer and other snow animals, then Alaska is the right place for your Christmas holiday.  The snowy winter attracts tourists from all over the globe. The reindeer farm in many places in Alaska is a great attraction amongst tourists. Black tail deer, elk, pet reindeer and moose can be fed.  Reindeer meat is a popular cuisine at Alaska.

The Scottish capital Edinburgh in the United Kingdom is historical and elegant in every way. Series of lively and fun events are hosted here for around six weeks. A lot of celebrations are held from late November up to January. Fun pantomimes, Ferris wheel and carol concerts can be perfectly enjoyed by the whole family. The festive mood is reflected in the markets and they offer great shopping experiences for adults. On the big Christmas day, pheasant or rabbit feast can be enjoyed at the grand hotels in Edinburgh. Hogmanay is great way to spend Christmas 2011 and the New Year celebration.

So now that you have so many options where you can spend Christmas 2011 go ahead and plan a fun family vacation this Holiday Season!

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