How to Create Your Own Unique Personal Style

Trends have taken over the world. You can try all you want to ignore what is hot this season, but unless you live in absolute solitude, you cannot escape it. You will see a new style of coat on the street a few times, and perhaps in the media, and start to covet it. It’s how fashion has evolved since the beginning. In many ways it’s natural, but what isn’t natural is how many seasons and new collections are pushed out every year. This means you can end up buying into trends you don’t like and are then quickly abandoned for the next hot thing. To withstand the test of time, you need to create your own unique personal style, which means following this guide to get started:

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Less is More When It Comes to Choice

We want what is best for ourselves and others. In this sense, we like options because it allows us to choose the best one for our needs. If there are three options, we can quickly determine the best fit, but what if there are hundreds or thousands? The burden of choice is that we simply cannot go through all of the information easily or comfortably. We end up unhappy or stressed instead.

That is where the less is more when it comes to choice notion comes into play. By de-cluttering your wardrobe you can see what you have, make more creative, stylish options, and spend less time trying on items to no avail.

Always Choose Items that Fit Perfectly

You only do yourself a disservice by choosing items that don’t fit correctly. You waste time, money, and space, making it a poor investment. Instead, be critical of how an item looks, feels, and fits when you go shopping. Shoes, in particular, need to hold up and support you at the end of the day. You need to choose shoes that don’t pinch your toes and have enough space width wise as they do lengthwise. To do this, look for those cute fall wide calf over the knee boots online.

As for clothes, if you cannot find the perfect fit in an item try to invest in your pieces instead. Find a high quality basic like a button-down white shirt and get it tailored so that it fits you perfectly. Just remember to keep the extra fabric so that the tailor or yourself can take your new shirt in or out as you need it.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

The secret to any put-together outfit is how you accessorize it. A simple outfit can really pop with a bold color heel and matching earrings or lipstick. Accessorizing is the icing on the cake of your outfit, and can help you tell a story in a single look.

Keep Auditing Your Style Until You Get It Right

Your personal style will change over time, and that is fine. Invest in timeless, basic pieces that look great with everything and are popular season after season, and spice it up with a few trendy pieces instead. Audit what you have, and continue to reinvent your wardrobe and personal style as you need to.

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