How to Improve Office Space? 3 Easy Ways to Make your Workspace more Productive!

After more than 2 years of working from home or utilizing hybrid work styles that allowed for flexibility in working outside the office amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are finally returning to a traditional, in-office work experience as COVID restrictions ease and life begins to return to normal. For many companies, the last few years have created drastic changes both in and out of the workplace, and their office space might need to change as well to reflect this.

If you find yourself in need of a change in the workplace as employees begin to return to work in the office, here are 3 easy ideas to help you get started.

Allow for Social Distancing

Even as COVID restrictions ease and life returns to a state of somewhat normalcy in 2022, the last few years have shown how beneficial it might be to create distance between one another in public spaces (and how maybe we were all way too close to each other before). Although a need for strict social distancing might be diminishing especially in close office spaces, creating space or a slight divide between employee workspaces is likely to be beneficial moving forward. This can give employees coworkers, and reduce rates of illness or infection when everyone is just a bit more spread out. This could include spacing out desks around an open office, adding traditional cubicle style to desks that don’t already have them, or adding doors or barriers in high traffic areas dividers.

Modernize Your Space

If your office space is a bit outdated, this is the perfect time for an upgrade. Things like spaced-out desks (a bonus for social distancing), naturally lit rooms, and versatile workstations can have practical and aesthetically pleasing effects in the workplace. Companies like Key Interiors work with employers to incorporate modern office design into any space. Adding a modernized feel to your office can make it feel brand new.

Get Rid of Corporate Art

Re-evaluate any art or decor that is placed around your office. It is likely that your office was last decorated when it first opened; how have things changed since then? For many people, quarantining amidst the pandemic led to the creation of art and other projects that would look much better displayed in the office, and would allow your employees to bring a piece of themselves to work. Takedown any decorations that no longer serve a purpose or reflect your team, and ask employees to bring a piece of art they have created (or ask them to create one on the spot as a fun, team-building activity).

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