LED Grow Lights Are the Green Way to Grow a Garden Indoors

Growing your own garden can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience. Watching the plants spring to life from a simple seed is only the beginning of this wonderful experience. That little seed will soon turn into a beautiful green plant that can help purify the air around it. That beautiful green plant can blossom and flower until it produces fruits or vegetables. Those fresh fruits and vegetables are not only excellent for your body, they will also bring a personal sense of satisfaction into your life. It is amazing to watch a plant grow from a seed to the fruits or vegetables on your plate, and it feels pretty good to know that you have played a key role in all of it.

Gardening is great, but the outside world introduces a lot of challenges to the garden and the gardener. There are pests that can quickly devastate your young crops. These pests could be insects or fuzzy little bunnies. You will also have to deal with uncontrollable weather conditions. Maybe the sun will shine brightly on your little garden, and then again maybe it won’t. Your garden might get enough natural water from rain, but you will most likely have to give it a lot of water for it to grow big and strong.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could grow your garden inside where you had complete and total control over the environment? There would be no stopping your green thumb. Indoor gardening presents a whole new world of challenges. You may be able to eliminate all of those pesky pests that spent all of their free time dining on your garden, but how in the world can you provide everything that your garden needs to grow inside your home? It is a lot easier than you may think.

A healthy green garden starts with the proper lighting

The very first challenge you will face is providing your garden with the proper type and amount of light that it needs to grow big and healthy. You can’t just turn on the overhead lights in a room and expect your garden to start growing. These lights don’t provide plants with the correct type of light that they need to survive. You will need some specialty lighting if you want your garden to survive the comforts of home.

Choosing the proper indoor lighting

There are several very different types of indoor plant lighting, but there is one choice that outshines them all. LED grow lights are currently the best choice for indoor plant lighting. They offer many benefits to the other types of lights on the market today. Here are just a few reasons why these types of lights will help you grow a bigger better garden.

Use less energy

Fluorescent lighting can really suck up the energy like there is no tomorrow. Chances are you have chosen to create your garden indoors to help create a green sustainable lifestyle. Fluorescent lights completely contradict the entire idea of using less energy. LED lights do not. They are extremely energy-efficient. They will use 40 – 70% less energy than other grow lights on the market today. Your garden will thank you, and so will your bank account when you get your monthly power bill.

More efficient lighting

There is a common misconception when it comes to indoor gardening. For some reason people seem to think that if lights use less energy, then they must not work as good. This is far from the truth. LED lights are currently the most efficient lights created. 90% of the light generated by LED lights can be used by plants. How does that compare to other indoor plant lighting? Plants only use approximately 30-35% of the light that is generated from other types of lighting. These include grow lights from fluorescent to incandescent.

Little to no heat

One very common problem with other types of plant lighting is the fact that they produce a ton of heat. When your garden is indoors, this creates a huge problem. Too much heat can kill plants and cause them to wilt. Many indoor gardeners will purchase fans and heat deflectors to help keep the heat off their plants. These are just added unnecessary expenses that can be completely avoided with LED lighting.

Growing a garden indoors is a great way to provide fresh fruits and vegetables. You can’t get any fresher than plucking a fruit or vegetable from the plant yourself. You will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor like never before.

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