Lexus Eco challenge grant beneficiaries unveiled

Lexus Eco Challenge

Monique Pean a jewelry designer and pioneers of the AirDye: Maria Cornejo and Costello Tagliapierta may not be names that you are familiar with. This is especially the case if you are not a fashionista but come fall 2011, they will be names that you will be very familiar with.

From a group of ten, the three were chosen to come up with Eco fashion lines for a show in fall next year and presentation in February next year. With almost every industry going green, the fashion industry will not be left out in this race. The Council of fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in conjunction with Auto Company Lexus chose the three to participate in a fashion show dubbed the Eco fashion challenge. The theme of the fashion show is aimed at increasing and promoting sustainability with regard to the fashion industry.

Each of the designers had to come up with designs that placed Ecological responsibility into factor and the production method of the designers collection had to be made in an environmentally friendly ways. The designs also had to be at least 25% Eco friendly to make it through. The three were chosen since they were able to show the panel of judges that their designs were credible in an Eco friendly sense and that they possessed the knowledge and ability to produce Eco friendly garments from material and fabric use to processing and packaging. The three designers each received 25,000 dollars towards their presentation and collection design for the fashion show. The three honorees were unveiled at an event promoting the Eco fashion challenge on 10th of November 2010, at New York City’s Skylight west.

The CDFA is working towards ensuring that environmentally friendly fashion, referred to as ecouttere, will not be a mere passing trend but a lasting fashion choice. Hopefully, this fashion show will see to it that designers use only the fabric that is Eco friendly and the public in turn will embrace this new fashion.

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