Madonna and her 25 pieces of luggage

If you’ve ever been advised to travel light, that is definitely one piece of advice that Madonna never received. She actually landed on Heathrow Airport, London of 29th March, only a few days back, and the porter actually had to carry twenty five pieces of her luggage.

She had just flown in from New York and the porters needed to drag along two trolleys topped with her luggage and they sure looked tired! Looks like Madonna did mean it when she sang “Material girl” so many years ago. There were definitely lots and lots of luggage that was being carried across; but one piece of luggage that is almost always present wherever she travels is the Cold Box that she needs to store her food in.

This fifty plus super fit super star is supposed to be very finicky about what she puts into her mouth and is known to carry her own food wherever she travels and among all the luggage that she was carrying along with her two adopted children who had were also present with her, she didn’t seem to have forgotten her Cold Box. A few suit bags were also noticed and not to mention some Louis Vuitton cases as well.

Why Madonna is back in London is still under a lot of speculation at the moment. She used to live with her husband Guy Ritchie almost permanently till about a year back when rumors had it that the marriage was going downhill. She supposedly moved back to America many months back, but with the amount of luggage that she has brought in this time it almost seems like she’s ready to move back to London and stay with Guy Ritchie again. She’s supposed to be living in Marylebone for the next six months.

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