Not What You Think: The Top 10 Myths About Tarot

Tarot reading is something often shrouded in mystery. It’s one of those techniques and phenomena that we’ve even heard a lot about (but never experienced) or that we’ve experienced briefly (in some cheesy carnival or summer fair).

Tarot is more than just shuffling cards– So here are the top ten myths about Tarot practise we bet you didn’t know!

1. Tarot actually derives from ancient Egypt, and the earliest signs of Tarot cards date back to 16th century Italy; there is no other source of evidence that proves its origin deriving from anywhere else in the world, however many times we may see it popping up in movies and films set way back in the past.

2. Church banned tarot cards because of their association with the occult! And whilst it’s true that the church banned tarot cards – they also banned card games and board games too. It was only banned as much as other games were, it was never considered to jeopardize faith or be antithetical to religion!

3. “You should store your tarot cards in a black silk cloth”- this is purely a product of personal preference. There is no exact method of storing tarot cards that enhances their efficiency; it’s just a matter of differing preferences.

4. The myth that only psychics can use tarot cards to predict the future is false. Anyone can learn how to read tarot cards- not every tarot card reader considers their self a psychic! It’s more about exercising a sense of intuition.

5. The belief that gypsies invented tarot cards is also false and produced from the belief that gypsies derived from Egypt. Historical evidence defies this, and proves that there is strong evidence supporting the claim that they originally derived from India.

6. Those who warn against having your tarot cards handled by anyone else are also in the wrong! Tarot readers simply like to exercise a level of control over the tarot cards so prefer them to be handled by themselves only.

7. Receiving the death card means you’re going to die immediately- this is completely manufactured by Hollywood blockbusters! Most people panic at the sight of the death card thinking it entails immediate death, however, this isn’t necessarily the case. The death card shouldn’t be interpreted so literally, it could have alternative meanings such as a transition from one stage to another.

8. “Reading your own cards will bring you misfortune”- this, despite tarot readers and professionals protesting against this common myth, is something many still believe to be true! Tarot readers don’t read their own cards because it will bring them misfortune; they avoid reading their own cards because it proves ineffective!

9. The myth that it is dangerous to own too many tarot cards also comes under suspicion, as it appears to be a fabrication of the fact that seeking advice repeatedly by reading your cards constantly is indicative that you’re in some sort of life crisis!

10. Many believe that different decks give different readings, however this isn’t the case! Meanings stay the same. Some readers may warm to certain decks of tarot cards more than others, yet this doesn’t alter the output of the meaning.

About the Author: Bruce Higgins had a near-death experience at a young age, which inspired his interest in psychic culture. He likes to explore sites such as in his free time.

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