Top 3 Parties You can Enjoy This Year

A chance to gather with friends, family, or complete strangers and have fun. Most people love them. Introverts, on the other hand, not so much.

All of us know the drill with birthdays, holidays, and the Super Bowl. What many of us have not experienced is attending a record release party. How about a Kentucky Derby or baby gender reveal party?

Now, let’s get in a dose of reality. The percentage of people who launch a record deal are very small, so not many of us will be hosting a release party anytime soon. However, the chances are better that we may have friends over for a Derby or gender reveal party.

So, why not take a look at each of these 3 types, and get an idea of what all the fun is about? Who knows, any one of us could find ourselves being invited or hosting one of these in our lifetime!

Party Time
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Attending a Record Release

Danny Baraz launched the website Janky Smooth to satisfy the demand for independent views on topics ranging from music to culture. The perks of this include regular attendance at record release parties for smaller bands and artists that proudly consider themselves independents.

The challenge for the demographic that clings to the “outlier” mentality, rebelling at every corporate turn, is the necessity of recognition to earn revenue without selling their soul. That is what Danny was witness to at the Death Valley Girls Glow at The Echo party.

A packed house in a small venue releasing their inhibitions to a stage show that flooded the senses, Death Valley Girls know how to throw a party for a record release without losing their true identity.

Mint Juleps and Hats

The first Saturday in May holds a special place in the hearts of those who love horse racing. The Kentucky Derby is held each year on this day, and with this race comes a host of parties.

If you happen to be in Louisville the week leading up to the Derby, or if you are home on the couch taking in the excitement, no doubt you will be exposed to the glamour of the event.

In the days leading up to the most exciting 2 minutes in sports, celebrities such as Tom Brady and Sharon Stone can be found hobnobbing with other famous types at select private parties.

So, are you bummed that you did not get invited? Have a Kentucky Derby party for you and your friends! These are very popular across the country, as people gather together on the first Saturday in May to root on their horse in the race.

Boy or Girl

What is a gender reveal party? A way to announce to family and friends if the baby is a boy or girl! A reason to celebrate!

These parties have picked up steam in recent years. For generations, it became custom for the couple to wait till the baby was delivered to learn the gender. Now, with the growth of the baby industry (i.e. stores, online shops) the trend has shifted to learning early.

That way, the proud parents can plan accordingly by getting the room ready and the dresser drawers filled with proper attire. Of course, now the guests know as well. So, if they are so inclined, gifts are appreciated afterwards!

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