Seven Travel Lessons You Can Use at Home

Travel Lessons

Here is a list of some of the lessons you can pick up when you are traveling which can all be applied in your daily life as well.

1. Nothing as Precious as Real Human Bonds:

One thing that is undeniable to anybody travelling is the great number of people one actually gets to meet. New faces, perhaps new cultures, new languages is what each of those encounters with someone new brings but at the heart of it lies the true human spirit. Everyone has a story to share and when you are traveling you might actually find the time to sit down with that stranger and share a coffee and a few laughs and figure out how similar lives are even half way across the world.But somehow all this disappears the moment we step back home. We have the mobile phones with text messaging and the internet with chat sites and social networking. Is that really the way to connect with another human being?

2. Keeping it Light:

This is one of the best advices that you can receive before you head out for a journey, maintaining a light travel bag and carrying only our most important things is what you should do when you are traveling. This way you don’t end up losing the things you are carrying because you can keep an eye on everything you are carrying because these are fewer in number. Doesn’t the same apply to daily life as well? If you are carrying thousands of responsibilities on your shoulders, trying to keep another thousand people happy and pleased with you; there will come a day when you’ll end up losing many of those which you couldn’t handle. Keep it light by fixing your priorities.

3. Be Prepared to Get Surprised:

So even though you though you were thinking everything is going as planned on your trip; your flight gets delayed, your hotel is not booked in time, you are deserted in a place where you can’t find transport etc etc. There are so many surprises that you can face when you are traveling but very soon you learn to deal with them, you just carry some extra food with you in your bag and a lot of water. In the same way you should be prepared for all the dirty dishes life is going to hand out to you. If you’re prepared for them then half the battle is won. You must remember that the world is not conspiring against you, you are just leading a normal life that you will have to deal with.

4. Enjoy Every Moment:

Just like those unpleasant surprises there are also actually plenty of great moments that you will get a chance to enjoy as well when you are traveling. The scenic beauty or a moment of revelation or just meeting new people and enjoying great food. The fact is that there are such great moments in our daily life as well but we might just be overlooking them. The best way to live one’s life is to recognize those great moments and just live in them and enjoy them as long as they last, because just like a new place you visited; who knows if you’ll ever be going back.

5. Some of the Best Results Come out of Spontaneity:

Sure you have your tickets paid for and your hotel rooms booked but have you ever tried detouring for a day to a place that was not on your agenda. This would be much more than just an adrenaline rush and it feels great. Even in life you have to experiment a bit; the structure can be planned so that you are in control but don’t be afraid of taking a few risks and being spontaneous and sometimes even changing plans. Whether the result is good or bad it will definitely be a whole new experience for you and a life changing one perhaps.

6 . Follow Your Instinct not the Crowd:

Any traveler who has taken a risk and visited a spot or tried outs something that no tourists to that place have tried out before usually find untouched beauty and treasures that are going to last them a lifetime. Even in life, there is always place for you to listen to recommendations but you must also try following your own heart, it might just lead you to a spectacular view.

7. It’s not all about the Fancy Hotel Room:

It never really is. The view matters, the places you visit matters and most of all who you are with matters. Make the same applications in your daily life as well- how you choose to live your life and derive joy out of is what will make your life special and certainly so if you have the right friends, family and loved one.

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