What Tiles For A Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas?

When it comes to your kitchen, size matters. Whether you’ve just moved into a new property in which the kitchen needs some TLC or you just want to revamp your current one, knowing which tiles to choose is imperative. In particular, if you have a small kitchen you know design is very important since you need to make the most of the space you have available. So, if you’re a little limited on space, here are four tiles to consider when decorating a smaller kitchen.

Glossy Tiles:

Glossy Tiles
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For smaller kitchens, tiles with a glossy finish are highly recommended. The shine bounces light which, as a result, opens up the room and creates the illusion of more space. You can even go that bit further and use reflective tiles. Of course, too much reflection can be a bit overwhelming, so you can just use them the kitchen as part of a design or splashback. Reflective tiles also make for nice borders giving just a glimmer of that reflection. This, combined with a well illuminated room, will make your kitchen look much more spacious than it actually is.

Patterned Tiles:

Patterned Tiles
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By using patterned tiles you are creating a focal point in your kitchen and as a result, you create a distraction from the smaller size of the room. As with any sized room working with patterns, this should be done in moderation. Too much pattern and you run the risk of ending up with a kitchen that looks busy and as a result, even smaller. As with reflective tiles, use patterns as a splashback or part of a wider design draw attention on those tiles instead of the room size. Generally, extravagant tiles such as pattern and reflective should play by the rule of less is more.

Light Tiles:

Light Tiles
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As you are probably aware, dark colours are not good for a small room. Dark tiles intensify the shadows and makes the room look more cramped. Instead, use lighter or neutral tiles in order to make the room feel more airy and bright. The best example is the traditional white kitchen tile. While this may seem like a basic option in todays booming interior design market, the white kitchen tile is totally unrivalled. Its simplicity suits any aesthetic or theme and has the versatility that no other tile can offer. If you decided to redecorate in a few years, you can rest easy knowing that your white kitchen tile will easily adapt to any theme you can throw at it.

Large Tiles:

Large Tiles
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If your dilemma is whether to choose large or small tiles, you should know that using small tiles will make the kitchen look busier and smaller. With smaller tiles, you need more grout lines and more grout lines means less of a smooth, even finish. It is for this reason that larger tiles are better suited to smaller kitchens. The fewer grout lines create that much needed fluidity and keep the focus on the tile itself, not the busy grouting.

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