The West End Vs. Broadway

London’s West End and New York City’s Broadway are the two premier places to see the latest plays and musicals that everyone’s talking about. Sure, you can catch a touring version of the play in lesser cities, but it’s not the same as going to either of these towns for the glitz and glam that both cities are known for. You’re far more likely to see the original cast with well-known actors and actresses in London or New York than you are in Chicago or Los Angeles. But even New York and London have their drawbacks and advantages.

Both cities have the same plays running concurrently. That is, you can catch major musicals like The Lion King or Wicked in either city and both have stellar casts. But you might be surprised to learn that plays are different in each city. For example, The Lion King in New York City has differences from the one in London. The reasons for this are varied but sometimes it comes down to making alterations for local cultures and the stage isn’t large enough to handle an expansive setting. You might find the differences to be of interest and that the plays are varied enough to see in both cities. And ticket prices in London are half of what they are in New York City, even with the exchange rate.

Ultimately, you choose where you want to see a play to get the most out of your experience. You want memories to last a lifetime, and both cities will give you just that.

The West End Vs. Broadway


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