Top 8 Architectures in America You should not miss

The United States of America is the place of skyscrapers and high rising apartments, houses with white fences and beautiful houses in the middle of fields. US has the best architects who have shaped their dreams in the form of the most amazing buildings. Let’s take a look at top architectures in America:

Summun Pyramid:

Summun-PyramidImage by Summum Pyramid, Salt Lake City

This pyramid is the center for the Summun religion, located in Utah. This building is 9 meters tall and 40 feet long. It was laid by Corky Nowell in the year 1975. The Summun religion is similar to Christianity but they believe that the soul is eternal. It just moves to a different state after death and that is the reason why they preserve the dead bodies. Many people have given the bodies of their loved ones to be preserved here as mummies.

The Longaberger Company:

The-Longaberger-CompanyImage by Adam Schweigert

This building is shaped as a basket which is the company’s product. This unique 7 storied building is located in Ohio and is 192 feet long, 126 feet wide from the base and almost 208 feet long and 142 feet wide towards the top. This basket shaped building is the biggest basket in the world. The company’s founder Dave Longaberger dreamt to design the company’s head quarter as such an outstanding masterpiece. The building took two years to complete in 1998.

Dick Clark’s Home

Dick-Clark’s-HomeImage by

The home of the TV host Dick Clark is an exception in the city of Malibu, California. His house is all carved from stone and is unlike the luxury mansions around. The house looks like a rock and is spread over 23 acres of land. The furniture and room’s designs are also matching to the house. It looks like the house of Flintstones, a famous cartoon character.

The Mansion on O Street

The-Mansion-on-O-StreetImage by 20140330-IMG_9731

Many people think that the Mansion on O Street in Washington is a hotel. The building is massive and had three – storied three homes. These homes are the creation of the US architect Edward Clark. He designed these splendid houses with a common basement for his family and relatives. In 1930 these houses were split but again in 1980 they were united again along with two more in a row to convert as a hotel. The hotel has more than 100 themes and stylish rooms with many hidden doors for celebrities and VIP people.

The Mushroom House

The-Mushroom-HouseImage by

The Mushroom shaped house was designed by James H. Johnson in 1970. The shape was actually conceptualized as Queen Anne’s lace flower, but because of the brown color is looks like a mushroom. The home is around 4168 feet in measurement. The home has four inter linked pods reinforced by concrete stems. The house is located in Perinton.

The Moroccan-Style Palace

The-Moroccan-Style-PalaceImage by Jorge Láscar

The building is made in a Moroccan style with colorful tiles and mosaic roofs. The palace is situated in Texas and was built in 2005. It is a masterpiece of the Arabesque architecture. The building has Islamic arts and motifs that are crafted beautifully. The palace is spread over 1858 square meters of land. It has all colorful and beautiful mosaic and tiles work done.

The Gehry House

The-Gehry-HouseImage by William Veerbeek

The most acclaimed architect Frank Gehry has transformed his house in Santa Monica as a masterpiece. He has designed the most bizarre structures around the globe. He had wrapped his two storied house in Aluminum and added skylights. The link fences were used to link the second story to the base. It was indeed a wild transformation and simply marvelous.

Hole in The Rock

Hole-in-The-RockImage by Ken Lund

The city of Utah has another amazing building which is the home of Albert and Glady Christensen. The house is carved completely from a sandstone cliff. They have furnished the house beautifully and it looks exceptionally unique. It is spread over an area of 464 square meters.

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