Travel Accessories: Pack The Best Travel Accessories When On The Move!

Just because you’re away from home does not mean you leave all the comforts behind and struggle. Traveling can be a lot of fun and broadens ones horizons, but only when you travel smart.  If you travel often, it is advisable to invest in a setup that includes compact, durable and long-lasting travel accessories that bring you a compendium of convenience.

Create a travel packing list to make sure you do not forget anything. There are certain travel accessories that you may not think of but you will surely wish you packed them.

Here is our list of the essential and best travel accessories that are sure to make your journey just that little bit better.


iPodThis has to be the first on the list for many. You may be collecting albums all year but never really get the chance to listen to them properly. Music sounds best when you’re on a holiday and relaxing. It’s a keeper for long travels.

Digital Camera:

digital cameras
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It’s all about documenting your trips for posterity, and reliving the moments with friends and family back home. The cost of digital cameras has gone down more than ever and you can get your hands on one for about $200 or even less if you look around. A lightweight camera that fits in the pocket easily while being sturdy enough to handle the abuse of travel is what you should look for.

USB Flash Drive:

They are so cheap, compact and offer huge storage that it makes no sense leaving home without one. You can store hundreds of photographs on your travels.  You can also store music, maps and any other files and documents you may want to carry with you.

USB Flash Drive
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Travel Adaptor and Converter:

You’re definitely going to need a travel adaptor whether you’re on a personal or an official tour. All the electronic devices you carry with you need to be charged. Find one that can be used in a number of countries.  Nothing can be better than an adaptor that allows you to charge more than one device at the same time, as well as having an in-built USB port for charging USB-only devices.

Travel Adaptor
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Wallet With Chain:

Keeping things safe and secure has become very important today, with the increase in fraud.  Some countries are notorious for pick pocketing so a wallet chain can be an essential item to carry.  Make sure it is a hideable money belt.  A good tip is to keep your cash in different places on your body.  A back-pocket wallet can prove to be an invitation to rob, so try using your front pocket as much as possible.

Wallet With Chain
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A Belt With A Secret Section:

If you can get your hands on one, this can be wonderful. Find a belt with a zippered compartment hidden inside.  You can keep some money there too. Since nobody thinks of stealing from a belt, this is safe money that’s always with you.

A Belt With A Secret Section
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First-Aid Kit:

Yet another group of travel accessories that has to be at the top of your carry-on-travel list. A first aid kit with band aids and sterile dressings, mosquito and bug repellent, ear plugs is essential. You may not expect to be injured, but just in case.

Aid Kit
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Diary and Pen:

If you can’t get it beforehand, buy one the moment you reach the place. It is wonderful if you can get one with maps of the place you are visiting, not to mention the shop addresses and restaurant numbers.

Diary and Pen
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Noise Canceling Headphones:

Noise canceling headphones are designed to block out unwanted external noise while emitting clear and audible sound from the music player. They come in all forms, from the full-sized ones to ear buds.

Bose Quiet Comfort 15 is considered to use one of the best noise canceling technology available today. They may not be cheap at $300, but the soft foam ear pads and ear cups that swivel and fold flat to fit in a stylish case, make them worth the buy if you can afford and travel a lot.  Then there are the JVC HA-NC250 which are a lot cheaper at less than $100.

Noise Canceling Headphones
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Microfiber Towel:

If you carry your Turkish towel, it is bulky and will occupy space.  It also takes forever to dry. A quick drying microfiber towel can be very useful and it folds up small.  A good quality towel can be super absorbent and absorb about 5 times its weight in water, as well as dry very quickly.  In fact, just wringing these towels can remove 90% of the water.  For around $20 to $30, you can get a good one.

Microfiber Towel
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Wrinkle Release:

How many times you wished you had an iron with you.  But how practical is it to carry an iron, when you have so many other important things that take up space in your bag. And obviously, buying all wrinkle-resistant travel clothes may not be in your budget. A good wrinkle release can be an excellent travel companion.  You can carry all your favorite clothes without fear of wrinkles.  Spraying the wrinkle release, you can smooth out wrinkles with your hand.  You can get a small bottle for around $3 or $4.

Wrinkle Release


This may sound weird to those who have never carried one on travel, but there are several cheap and light ones available in the market today. You can dry your towels or anything that you wash in the bathroom sink, without the need to use the Laundromat dryers, which don’t work most of the time.

Try and get one with bungee-cord strands and a hook, so that you don’t need to carry clothespins.  You will just have to tuck in whatever you’re drying between the strands.

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Alarm Clock:

Agreed, you may not need one if you’re planning on staying at fancy hotels, but if you’re on a budget travel, you better be prepared with one. If you’re going to use your mobile for the purpose that’s fine too, as long as you can wake up to it.

Alarm Clock
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Ziploc Bags:

Carry a few ziploc bags of different sizes when you travel. You can use the small ones for when you go swimming or whenever you don’t want your stuff to get wet.  It goes without saying that they are useful for putting food in. The large ones can be used for dirty clothes, books, and even for carrying wet washcloths.  At least it will keep your toothpaste from getting all over your clothes.

Ziploc Bags


A simple pen knife will do as long as you know you’re not going to need anything else, like a bottle opener, scissors etc. But if you think you may need other tools, then a medium-sized Swiss Army Knife is ideal.  You can use the scissors for a lot of things, and the knife blade can be used to cut bread and cheese.  The bottle openers and the other tools will come in handy.  But keep in mind that many security-conscious attractions do not allow a knife on their premises.

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Coin Purse:

Not carrying enough change is a problem most travelers face when visiting new places. Daily spending is mostly going to be in change and not in bills, when you’re spending it on postcards, candy, or some other small stuff.  A good leather flip-pouch can be extremely useful.

Coin Purse
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Once you reach your destination, you realize you have no bag to carry stuff around when you go site seeing.  A daypack is the best travel accessory you can have, as you can put in your travel diary, water bottle, camera or whatever else you need to carry around.  Buy one that is made with light-material and is foldable.  Once you’re done, you can simply pack it off in your main travel bag.

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Duct Tape:

Frequent travelers vouch by the duct tape. There are numerous uses for duct tape, including repairing luggage, identification of luggage, taping passport or money in a safe place, and many more.

Duct Tape
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Petroleum Jelly

A multi-use beauty product for both male and female travelers, it works as a moisturizer, lip balm, first-aid salve, make-up remover and more.  Our skin gets parched when we travel by air and also because of the weather.  This can be bought very cheap but comes in handy.

The travel accessories we mentioned here help make a trip easy and pleasant. However, the choice of accessories depends on the type of travel and the length of time you’re going to be away from home. Choose the ones that work best for you.  Pack as light as possible and this is possible nowadays, as you will find travel accessories that are light weight and compact.

Petroleum jelly
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