4 Best Nintendo 3DS Games 2012

Nintendo 3DS is hailed as the next generation of hand held gaming device because of its capability to render 3D effects without any additional peripheral. Imagine playing your favorite game as if you were actually a participant in the in game activities! As of December 2011, 3DS has officially sold around 15 million units worldwide which is an irrefutable proof of its success. But like the saying goes “it’s not the console that makes the game but the game that makes the console”, hence 3DS also boasts an array of tremendously successful titles which have catapulted it to the top of its line. In this article, I’m going to recount 4 of best Nintendo 3DS games 2012 on popularity, sales and meta-critic rating.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time

  • Metacritic rating: 94/100
  • Sales Figure:  400,000 sold worldwide
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One of the most popular games for Nintendo consoles gets a remake in 3D for 3DS. Usually, when a game is ported from one platform to another, the results are far from stellar but in case of Ocarina of time, Nintendo seems to have pulled all stops at making the gaming experience on par with gamer’s expectation. What we have as a result is a beautiful game with astounding graphics, the original game play and game mechanics and all the nostalgia that we experienced playing the game for the first time.


  • Metacritic rating: 69/100
  • Sales Figure: Unknown

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Ok, people would ask why a game with such a low meta-critic rating and unknown sales figure is ranked in the best 3DS games ? Well, the explanation is quite simple! Shinobi occupies a spot not based on the criteria defined earlier but on pure nostalgic basis and the many memories associated with it from good old arcade days. Shinobi is a classic side scrolling game where you use traditional ninja weapons to dispatch hordes upon hordes of enemies that are hell bent on keeping you from reaching your treacherous friends who betrayed you in the start. But don’t let the initial description fool you! The game can be quite challenging and would need total focus, undivided attention and quick reflex action.

Mario Kart 7

  • Metacritic rating: 9/10
  • Sales Figure: 420,000 in Japan alone
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What do you get when you combine the racing genre with one of the most beloved video gaming character and elements from this world? The answer is, you get the Mario kart series. Incorporating racing elements and ever lovable Mario and his bands of ragtag friends were a pure stroke of genius and the series continues to thrill even in the seventh installment. Nintendo has brought the races into 3D domain with added features of new kart designs, new abilities and new locations.


  • Metacritic rating: 90/100
  • Sales Figure: 300,000 Sold worldwide

[youtube AHB-oam_O94 600 400]

You are on a long road trip or stuck on a long flight, what better way to get some mental exercise than by engaging in a puzzle game! Pushmo is the latest offering from Nintendo on 3DS platform which challenges yet provides hours of fun for fans of this particular gaming genre. Pushmo while being a core puzzle game also combines element of plat forming where you push and pull blocks so you can get a foot hold to approach your intended goal. The game can be tricky at times with places that simply seem out of reach but this is just the game’s way of pushing you to get creative and think. Some gamers have complained that the levels don’t get challenging till you get to level 50 and the game does tend to be a bit monotonous, but overall it’s a nice bargain worth every penny.

These are right now the best Nintendo 3DS games available, however the year is not finished and we can expect more titles of the same caliber to make their way to us.

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