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The Mayor of Topeka, Kansas, last month stunned the world by making the announcement that his city would be changing its name to Google. Google wondered how to return the gesture, well, what better way than for Google to change its name officially to Topeka? Google isn’t making this decision lightly, however – there was a fair amount of brain equity involved in the old brand name. but Google has done some surfing around Topeka’s municipal website – and felt a certain degree of kinship with the city at the edge of the Great Plains.

For the last 150 years, the great location at the confluence of the Kansas River and he Oregon Trail made the city previously known as Topeka a key jumping-off point to the new world of the West, just like for the last 150 months the company previously called Google has been a key jumping-off point to the new world of the Internet. In 1858, an important bridge built across the Kansas River was destroyed due to flooding, but it was promptly rebuilt. Just like that, Google releases 2.0 versions of software after any negative feedback on the beta releases. Just like Topeka was a good place to dig for potatoes, Google too is a good place to dig for information.

So now due to the new name change, correspondence to the corporate headquarters and offices around the world should be addressed to Topeka Inc. Employees who were once known as Googlers should now be called Topekers, or even Topekans.

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