Al Gore + You(?) = Earth Day’s 40th Celebration

Earth Day’s 40th Celebration

Al Gore is a noted politician and a dedicated environmentalist who is dedicated to the cause of the environmental degradation. He is associated with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), for which he has even won the Nobel Prize for Peace. An Inconvenient Truth was a documentary movie on the issue of climate change due to a number of natural and anthropogenic factors.

The movie became an instant success and brought up the issue of climate change to the forefront. For this reason Al Gore became extremely famous as he was directly involved in the making of the movie. Al Gore became the champion for the cause of saving the environment from further degradation. The film An Inconvenient Truth became a roaring success in the United States. The average American citizen became bothered about issues like carbon footprint, consumption, and new terms like sustainable development, and ozone hole entered into the average citizen’s vocabulary.

Al Gore is also associated with his own association, the Alliance for Climate Protection. The 40th anniversary of Earth Day is fast approaching, on April 22nd, 2010. For this occasion, the Alliance for Climate Protection, headed by ex U.S Vice President Al Gore is encouraging videos related to environmental causes in the form of Video Volunteers on YouTube which is a free video streaming and video sharing website. People are being encouraged to take videos and post them on Video Volunteers on YouTube. Videos should ideally be short in length, inspiring, and obviously, be related to climate change.

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