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Kindle App for iPad has recently announced the availability of Kindle and Kindle based applications for the newly launched iPad, by Apple. The iPad is basically a larger version of the iPod touch, with all the features of a standard laptop and a number of other features. The iPad is the newest gadget that has come out of the stables of Apple. It can also be described as a tablet computer, and is believed to pose a threat to the existence of the bulky laptop. Apart from the amazing specifications, the iPad comes equipped with the latest applications.

Recently it was announced that the iPad is also able to support the Kindle application. The Kindle application gives one access to almost 450000 books, and documents. Moreover this application has been reported to be completely free and devoid of any cover charges or usage charges. One can now easily access the Kindle application in the App Store. This particular application gives the users access to all of the 450000 odd books and documents at a touch, and the functionality is further enhanced since the iPad is a multi touch device.

Moreover a number of other features are available like the bookmarks, important notes, last page read and the like can be glanced at quite easily. All these are also available on Kindle gadgets like Kindle, Kindle DX, and a host of other gadgets which even includes the iPhone, iPod Touch and the latest Android phones. Kindle and iPad is the perfect combination, and has already touched the right chord among the customers and potential customers of the iPad.

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