Apple iCloud: The Next Revolution

Working seamlessly is the technology of the future and Apple has certainly confirmed that with the introduction of their iCloud technology. iCloud is the new cloud series that will work seamlessly with applications on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac and PC. This technology will store all your content and information wirelessly in iCloud and it will be pushed to all your devices wirelessly. This means that you can receive all your information on all the devices that you have. Hence, when users make changes to any one of their devices, the information gets updated on other devices automatically.

Apple iCloud

Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs shared the information about this technology saying that users normally find it hard to update information on all their devices. Hence, they came up with iCloud that will keep updating the information on all the devices wirelessly. So, what features really make iCloud revolutionary in its own way?

MobileMe technology is not new but with iCloud, Apple has gone ahead and changed the way this technology works. Apple has rewritten the entire script to make it work with their iCloud. Hence, now users can share their mails, contacts and calendars with friends and family members with just one single click. The inbox and mailboxes are updated immediately across all the devices and computers and therefore users never need to worry about updating the information manually.

With the iCloud technology you can enjoy reading books on your Mac that you bought through your iPhone. Users can purchase apps and books from App Store and iBookstore and read it on any of the devices that they want. Apart from that the App Store and iBookstore now show users their purchase history. The download process is simpler than before as users only have to tap on iCloud icon and it will download the apps and books to different devices at no extra cost.

Keeping the information safe is really important and therefore Apple incorporated the iCloud Backup feature that automatically does the backup of all the information on all devices through Wi-Fi when the devices are being charged. The content that is normally backup are music files, photos, apps, device settings and app data. When you replace your iOS device all you need to do is enter your Apple username and password and the iCloud restores all the information on the new device.

iCloud Storage is another feature that makes iCloud really innovative. It seamlessly stores all the information using iCloud Storage APIs and forwards them to all the other devices. This means that when users make changes to any documents, the same changes are forwarded to other devices instantly. For this Apple’s Pages, Number and Keynote apps are really helpful already. With iCloud Storage, users can enjoy 5GB of mail, documents and backup. Users can even buy more space if they want to do that in the future. Apple has confirmed that the storage for music, apps and books purchased from Apple will not be counted in this 5GB storage so users can definitely enjoy this storage capacity.

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Apple iCloud also comes with another innovative feature known as Photo Stream. This service automatically uploads the photos that you take through your iPhone or that you import through any of your devices. The feature quickly forwards the photo to all the wireless devices and computers that you have. This makes it easier for the users to share their pictures instantly because they can click pictures through their iPhone and the pictures will be ready to share when you are on your computer. The Photo Stream feature will be incorporated on all photo apps that will be used on iOS devices. To save space, Apple has decided that only last 1000 photos will be moved and shared on all the iOS devices. However, Mac and PC will store and have all the photos through Photo Stream since they have better storage space. Each photo will stay on iCloud for 30 days giving enough time to users to connect it to other storage devices.

Music lovers can now rejoice because iCloud allows users to download their music to all iOS devices at no extra cost. If users have not purchased the music from iTunes they can still use iTunes Match and get their music on all iOS devices.

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