Best 3D Games For Android Tablets

Android has emerged as a viable challenge to the dominance of established and market dominating platforms like Windows and iOS. An android powered tablet is a highly reasonable gaming device which has a lineup of some of the most astounding 3D games available. Here’s the countdown of the best 3D games for Android tablets:

1. The Dark Knight Rises

I am willing to bet that this offering by developers Gameloft would be gracing quite a few best 3D games for android lists and deservingly so! Gameloft have rendered the city of Gotham in eye catching 3D graphics, which is currently under siege by the super villain Bane. The players must help Batman restore law and order and bring Bane to justice, with the help of friendly characters like Catwoman and Commissioner Gordon.

Absolutely Lovable Features

  • Gotham rendered as open world full of side quests
  • There are enough genuinely immersive side quests to keep the players entertained throughout, which don’t mean that the story mode is any less impressive.
  • Meticulous attention to 3D graphics quality and details

Slight Drawbacks

  • Huge size of the game, almost 2GB which is quite unconventional for tablet games
  • Relatively expensive at $7.00

Here’s Google Play Store link for procuring your copy of The Dark Knight Rises.

2. Demolition Inc.

It’s rare to see a real time strategy game which is on par with the prevailing popular genres like action adventure, puzzle, platformer etc. Demolition Inc. certainly proves that RTS games can be just as fun and addictive. Going against the norm, the developers of the game put the players in shoes of aliens, which are here to tear down one earth city after another. Players are rewarded for speedily laying waste to cities in the most innovative ways, with a plethora of alien tech at their disposal. Think strategically and use the weapons at your disposal with planned tactics!

Absolutely Lovable Features

  • Amazing 3D buildings with minute details, which crumble in fantastic details
  • Incorporation of real world physics! Nothing is preplanned and all onscreen proceedings are reliant on player action, keeping things interesting
  • Excellent fluid touch controls and camera angles
  • To die for is the Rampage mode, which awakens the anarchist hidden within every gamer (I am kidding of course) but it’s simply awesome!!

Slight Drawbacks

  • Some levels can become rather overly taxing and game tends to be monotonous at points
  • No catchy background music or quirky dialogs

Navigate to Google Play Store to get Demolition Inc.

3. Mass Effect infiltrator

This little gem of a game shares a trait in common with the first entry on this article as in it will also be featured on best 3D games for Android lists. The plot of the game is focused around the exploits of a Cerberus agent Randall Ezno, who goes rouge (for the best interests of humanity of course) and combats Cerberus’s agendas. The game is an amalgamation of some nifty cover system mechanics and engaging shooting, which will keep fans of the original Mass Effect franchise happy.

Absolutely Lovable Features

  • Faithful to the shooting mechanics as seen in the original game (with changes specific to the platform of course) like no ammo limit, but there’s the overheating of the weapon to keep an eye out for
  • Incorporation of biotic and tech powers give it a more familiar feeling
  • Biggest lure is that gains made in this game can strengthen your position in Mass Effect 3 on other platforms
  • High resolution textures, vividly detailed character design

Slight Drawbacks

  • Overpriced for first time comers to Mass Effect franchise with price tag of $ 7.00
  • Getting into cover is a bit time consuming but works fine when you actually hunker down

Mass Effect Infiltrator can be found on Google Play Store

4. Need for Speed Shift

What kind of countdown would this be if it doesn’t include a car racing game! I saved the very best for the last. Need for Speed Shift is by far the most amazing looking car racing game available on Android platform at the moment. It’s a150 MB download even after installation of the initial file, but it’s worth every MB. Fans of the car racing genre would get a real kick out of this one, as they handle a host of real world speedsters and use the tilting of the tablet to control their vehicles.

Absolutely Lovable Features

  • Authentic yet arcade fun controls when it comes to car handling
  • Very responsive controls
  • Plethora of cars to purchase
  • Cars are highly customizable
  • Drift mode is simply awesome

Slight draw backs

  • There’s no multiplayer mode which is now the staple of most games, irrespective of genre
  • Very short career mode

Get Need for Speed from Google play store

Other Best 3D Games For Android Tablets:

Crusade of Destiny: This game has the distinction of being the first full-fledged RPG on android platform (at least I think so). The graphics are a bit dated, but that doesn’t minimize the fun and exciting game play quality. The game is built on the staple ingredients of RPG genre such as exploring, fighting and filling inventory with items. As you gain experience, further achievements will be unlocked making the game even more engaging. The touch screen controls are fluid and responsive and innovatively rendered. This is one game that RPG fans would really enjoy.

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