EaseUS Partition Master Free Review

Partitioning disk drives certainly helps you classify the data by storing it at different locations. However, the discrete maintenance of each partition is a time consuming activity. I had recently been facing issues to manage the segmented drives, and found the EaseUS Partition Master Free. As evident from its name, it’s a freeware and worth a try. As I found this disk management software very helpful, so thought to share its salient features with you.

Basic Functions

  • Resize/Move partition: The free software helps you in altering the size allocated to each drive. Apart from that it also relocates the position of the partition.
  • Copy Partition: This feature allows you to copy the entire content within a partition and paste it to another.
  • Merge partition: You can merge two or more partitions to create a single one. Just click the Merge partition button and select the drives that need to be unified.
  • Convert to Primary/logical: Primary and Logical are two types of partition, where Primary is loaded first while system boots. This free partition manager can easily switch a partition from primary to local and vice versa.
  • Change label: Every partition is labeled with a specific name like Local Disk, by default. You can easily change the label of partition with this feature.
  • Change drive letter: Drive letter defines the position of a partition in sequence. Interchanging the drive letters would rearrange the partitions in a new sequence. However, the letter of system drive would remain the same.
  • Defragment: Frequently writing and removing stuff on drives lead to fragmented data. This feature defragments the partition and rearranges the data in a single unbroken thread.
  • Check partition: This function inspects your partition against any errors by carrying certain tests. If the drive has resolvable errors, the application fixes them automatically.
  • Hide partition: Using this function, you can make a partition invisible to other users.
  • Delete partition: The software can delete a partition to free up the space, which can be allocated to other partitions.
  • Wipe/Format partition: These functions eradicate the entire data on a partition.
  • Explore partition: It lets you securely browse through a partition and is often used to explore the hidden partitions.
  • View properties: This function displays the detailed facts about the partition including usage info, partition info, and NTFS info.

 EaseUS Partition Master Free

Other Features

  • User Interface: The user interface is quite simple and easily understandable. It consists of a main screen displaying the current partitions, a toolbar on the top, an action bar on the left, and a disk map location on the bottom.
  • Processing Speed: The operational speed of the EaseUS Partition Master Free is notable. The actions that usually take some time in execution do accelerate in this Partition Magic free utility.
  • Size and Cost: You can download this software from the official webpage without spending any dime. Overall size of the downloadable package is less than 21 MB.
  • Compatibility: The application is well compatible with different versions of Windows operating system including XP, 2000, Visa, 7, 8, and 8.1.

So, here you have it! The most powerful disk management software, awarded 5 stars by CNET and downloaded in millions. I highly recommend it to all Windows users.

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