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Sir Kennedy had aptly remarked “All of the biggest technological inventions created by man- the airplane, the automobile, the computer- says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness”. Thank God that most of us are lazy and thus need benefits in a wink. This is why we have top free Android apps to help us.

Top Free Android Apps

Angry Birds

Well, if your software does not let you have fun, try out free Android apps as it has a huge list of games that are highly exciting. Games like Angry Birds are a typically high- graphic game. The visual effect with a combination of colours is fascinating.

Whatsapp Messenger

If you thought BBM was unparalleled watch out for the Whatsapp messenger. It is one of the top free android apps that the Android market takes pride in. The messenger even supports transfer of files, music, videos, etc. Enjoy it free for the first year after which a small fee of a couple of dollars per annum is applicable. Too good to be true is it? Go try for yourself.


Ever wondered what music was playing at your club or disco? Well wonder no more coz the free android apps have just the thing for you. Switch on shazam and it’ll tell you in the passage of a few moments as to what music is being played. It is simple, used friendly and fast. And do not bother about the genre or language of music as this app supports all sorts of music.

Officesuite Pro

Forget carrying your laptop around for working on Microsoft office files. The Officesuite Pro app from the android market offers a complete solution to your needs. It lets you read, edit and compose office files. Can it get any better? The pro version comes at a price tag but free android apps are also available on the same lines. They do not let you edit files though. Go for the pro version and experience the difference today.


Are you an avid reader? Well android brings to you Kindle for Android. The ebook reader from is specially designed for your android phone. It is exactly the same as that of Kindle for PC and works on Whispersync. Get it on your phone today and make reading fun.

Bubble Blast

A time pass game which also requires logic bubble blast is a free android app that is a global favorite now. Look out for the multi colored bubbles and device a way to burst them all in a limited number of moves. What’s more you get hints too.

eBuddy Messenger

Stay connected with your friends and family on the move. Tired of switching windows between facebook chat, gtalk, yahoo chat, etc? The Android markets top free android apps offer you a perfect solution. eBuddy Messenger lets you sync all your IM accounts in one. All you need to do is open one window, i.e. eBuddy and enjoy being online from all your accounts. Isn’t it amazing technology?

Lookout Mobile Security

It is often said that android as an OS is more prone to viruses and malware well not any more. Lookout mobile security offers a 360 degree protection for your android phone and all the data on it. Except for being an efficient antivirus it also backs up all your data including phone numbers, messages, etc on the lookout website. So even if your phone gets lost worry no more all your data is secure. One also has an option to locate ones lost phone on GPS and make it scream. No way that your phone can be lost now.

Advanced Task Killer

Users of android face a common problem of not being able to exit any of the apps. Well you all need to use a task killer for this purpose. Advanced task killer offers you the best solution to keep virtual memory high on your device. You can kill all the apps which you are not using at a particular time with just a single click.


Are you the one who keeps tweeting his heart out all day? Well there are many free android apps in the android market but nothing beats the tweetcaster. It gives you the option of posting simultaneously on both twitter and Facebook. The free app is quite fast and user friendly. Now keep posting all day its indeed two in one pleasure.

Barcode Scanner

Now you can carry your personal barcode reader no matter where you go. This free android app supports all sorts of barcode and lets you know all about a particular product. What’s more you can also do a product search on the same online and even compare prices. Enjoy the bliss of free android apps.

No matter how badly you need it, carrying a dictionary with you on all occasions is almost impossible. However, just like everything the top free android apps have a solution for this too. The app of lets you access the online dictionary on the go with ease. Just key in the word and you will get its meaning in a fraction of seconds.

Bluetooth File Transfer

A free app which lets you transfer multiple files with extraordinary speed the Bluetooth file transfer app never lets you down. You can easily browse through all the files available on your SD card and phone memory and send them to any Bluetooth device in range. One can also use this app as  a file manager as it lets one manage the entire file and folder structure.

Have fun with Beach Chronicles

The Beach Chronicles can be said to follow the work of an AppSaver. It surely falls under the purview of AppSaver. It is a content manager that will keep an eye over all your downloaded material. It arranges and places in order your collection of comics’ series, graphic novels, animated e- books, and other webpages or wallpapers.

Pop it up with a flash

Being busy with fiddling your phone, at times makes you unaware of an important pop up. Using Skyfire would remedy such a situation. Skyfire computes and locates areas that escape our attention somehow or the other. It has the Flash support to highlight pop- ups on coming across interesting stuffs, after browsing through a host of files.

Keep Googling

You can use Google even more efficiently through Google Goggles. Put this on, to have a clear view over the internet. The main function of Google Goggles is to scan, analyze and help distinguishing between barcodes to access a file in a lesser span of time. They read in between the QR codes and can even research on the photos that you have taken while looking for a specific field of interest, keeping you informed with a search results page.

Get Your Steps Right

Google Navigation is the best navigation software that you can install in your phone with the minutest of all details being transferred to you in a minute or two. It has voice navigation as an in- built feature and starts calculating your every turn at the very onset of your journey. It works and doesn’t let you down when the Global Positioning System fails with a poor signal. What is even more amusing about the app is the facility of getting the exact directions on your dashboard dock while driving.

Rock with New Music Tracks

A major part of our phone’s memory is occupied with fresh tracks of music, but downloading such tracks pain a bit when it involves cost. There’s also the aspect of getting informed about all music updates. The Android software has a app to keep your ears calm and cool with free music. However, this app might involve a subscription in future but there shouldn’t be any regrets about that. The TuneIn app connects one to the all- time radio service and is indeed refreshing.

Get connected to BBC’s official iPlayer

On- demand tracks are often welcome when available free of cost. Such tracks of music can continue flowing into your ears and keep them entertained on installation of the beebPlayer. Instead of going mad over how to listen to varied genres of music, load this app on your cell and use a wireless connection for even better results.

You are not that unpredictable

If you want to work hard, in the roundabout way, want to kill your time then surely Swype app is not your cup of tea. Swype is that software app that can read your mind pretty well with its’ inherent prediction options and fastens the procedure of typing. If you put this to use, you no more need to worry about waiting while going over to the next line. Line- typing gets faster, easier and better.

Click once to open the desired file

The Foursquare is a perfect app to maintain a clean homepage. Google has this as the incredible homepage with quick check- ins. Managing numerous bookmarks is no more of a trouble with Foursquare as it is sleek on your Android backed screen and gives you complete view of all the tabs.

AppBrain Market Sync

However much a tech- savy person you might be, downloading free apps from your personal computer is not possible at any cost. But google being determined to make you enjoy its’ increasing number of apps has come up with the AppBrain Market Sync that helps in transferring data from a computer to your cell phone.

Get First – Hand Knowledge about arterial blockages on your mobile screen

Android’s new sleek RAC Traffic support is great to use as it gives you an incredible experience of being well- informed on time. By using this free app one can easily come to know the status of the traffic on the roads, in his area. The app is undoubtedly similar to the radio updates of traffic conditions but it is hassle- free as there is no question of a problem of unclear receptivity arising.

Looking for a job with all the Comfort in the World

You need not manage with the same exasperation while looking for a job as your google phone will tell you about the best offers available in the job market once you let it know about your specifications. So, get employed by the Job Centre Plus.

Improvised Facebook – Free Android App

Android has launched an Inbox facility to its Facebook app that makes it user- friendly unlike the present day Facebook that is so much of a puzzling business.

I wonder did Blake know about top free Android apps while penning down the lines “Hold infinity in the palm of your hand”!

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