Facebook Connect, real-time sharing and more in Youtube

So Youtube blog says that there will be all new changes to be seen by users soon. For some time now users have been able to connect their Youtube with Facebook. But now it will be easier for you to see their videos on Youtube in the homepage itself. So now every time you log into Youtube you’ll get an invitation to connect with Facebook. This is an easier and faster method to keep the entire social networking system going really well. Also more people online will share their Youtube videos and more. Also video clips will be passed along faster and shared better.

Now with Auto Share you can easily sync your YouTube to Twitter or even Google Reader for that matter. It was taking almost ten minutes to make this work before but now it’s going to be faster, easier and in real time.

Subscription is quite important in YouTube as you all users by now know well. The subscritption data indicates the number of people who are using and keeping constant tab of the videos that you are showing. Some people have even hit the 2 millon subscriber mark it seems. But new YouTube and tools are now especially looking into ensuring better features as the subscritption bit is concerned with added features.

Also the blog ends on quite a high note of some interesting joke being planned for April Fool’s Day. So all of this might not happen, either way you must wait and watch all about YouTube developments.

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