G-Wearables Presents World’s Smallest and Simplest Activity Tracker

Wearable activity trackers are there in the market for quite a while. However, they have not been able to get the general acceptance of consumers, due to some shortcomings. G-Wearables, the team based in San Francisco and Beijing has come up with a breakthrough technology that could truly be regarded as world’s smallest and simplest activity tracker, Goccia. Let me familiarize you with the device.

Size and Weight

Named as Goccia, this activity tracker is undeniably small in size and weight. With a diameter of 17.9mm and thickness of 7.2mm, Goccia is slightly bigger than a shirt button. The weight of device is approximately equal to a US dime, by not exceeding 3 grams. This makes Goccia the desired gadget for tracking your daily activities without even being noticed.

World’s Smallest Activity Tracker

LED Light Syncing Technology

This is what you will probably love the most about this tiny invention. The LED light syncing technology lets you transfer your activity data from Goccia to your iPhone wirelessly, with quite an ease. By just placing Goccia on the front camera of iPhone, both the devices get connected and start communicating. The activity data is synchronized to a free App on your tablet or smartphone.

Wireless Recharging and Accessories

Goccia activity tracker is accompanied with a wireless recharger that takes just 25 minutes to recharge the device to full. As the product consumes extremely low electric charge, it can work for two weeks after a single recharge. In addition to that, the package also features diverse accessories including clasp, bracelet and necklace. You can just put it around your wrist, neck or clip it with your shirt to monitor your activities.

Goccia activity tracker

It’s being 100% waterproof allows you to use it even while you are swimming. Moreover, it automatically recognizes and switches between active and sleep modes.


The design and development team is appealing for the support of general public, so that the project could be materialized soon. With less than two days left on their campaign at Kickstarter, they have positioned themselves very well by raising more than what they have pledged.

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