Google Earth with Rare Discoveries of Hominid Ancestors

Google Earth has been working to find these rare discoveries of hominid ancestors in South Africa. The discovery of hominid fossils has been announced by scientists through the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site in South Africa. This has been one of the most important palaeoanthropological discoveries that have come during recent period. There have been new revelations about dual partial hominid skeletons that have been discovered.

These are in remarkable conditions even after being found out 1.78 and 1.95 million years later. Google Earth has played a significant role in this discovery and has found this to be especially exciting. Back in March 2008 Professor Lee Berger of Withwatersrand University in Johannesburg, embarked upon using Google Earth map for research on caves and fossils. This seemed to be one of the most ideal platforms for bringing information for the scientific research along with using Google Earth location for discovering new fossils.

The deposits have come to be identified as cave site situations that have been found through satellite images. The beginning of such processes had approximately been located around 130 caves in that area. The usual cave sites were around the specific region with 20 fossil deposits. The navigation facility along with the high resolution satellite process for Google Earth has been some of the key guides for this process. Professor Berger went on to explore 500 unidentified caves initially but Google Earth applications narrowed down the possibilities to find the more exact areas.

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