Google Introduces Project Tango Tablet Prototype

Google has recently unveiled 3D-Sensing Project Tango Tablet Prototype , one which will send waves of excitement amongst electronic geeks and computer-lovers. The invention is a part of Project Tango and will be the first of its kind offering 3D-sensors and a motion-tracking camera. The team that needs to be given due credit for this is Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP).


Google Project Tango Tablet Prototype

Characteristically, this tablet is well-equipped with multiple cameras including one 4 MP motion-tracking one, which is the highlight of this device. Apart from this, the 7-inch tablet possesses unique depth sensors as well as 4 GB RAM and an internal storage capacity amounting to 128GB. It comes with Android 4.4 KitKat and will be powered by none other than NVIDIA Tegra K-1 processor.

Its predecessor was a 5-inch Android smartphone which, like the Tango tablet, had both 3D motion and depth sensing. However, Google has been able to develop a more advanced tablet using latest technology that would leave the users breathless.

Project Tango Tablet

The tablet promises to provide an enhanced user experience as compared to the simple yet highly useful GPS services we have available on our cellphones at present. Although a bit pricey at $1024, the Tango tablet promises to give its users a 3D experience that they will find hard to forget and completely worth the money they pay.

If you are a developer interested in development kit to explore future of mobile 3D sensing,  sign up here. Google may provide 4000 prototypes to developers, so do not wait and register now.

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