How Do Auto Responders Make Email Marketing More Successful?

Email marketing is a staple in any company’s or website’s marketing strategy. It is still one of the most powerful ways to connect to an audience, even though social media has become an incredibly close rival. The key to making email marketing successful is to use it to its full potential, while also using tips and tricks that you learn along the way in your emails. There are tons of features that emailing software uses, and one of these is the all too popular auto responder. An auto responder is not only a very valuable addition to an emailing campaign, but it also saves you precious time.

Auto Responders and Sign Ups

When a subscriber first signs up for your email list, they should be sent a confirmation email so that they can confirm that they are interested in subscribing to the newsletter. This is an excellent practice, as it keeps only interested subscribers in your email list. The biggest problem with the confirmation email is that you yourself cannot send it as soon as the customer signs up. This is not only difficult, but it is a waste of time. It would involve spending every waking moment continuously checking your email for new subscribers. This is where the auto responder comes in at sign up. As soon as a customer hits “submit”, they are sent an email when an auto responder is used. It is automated, and simple to use.

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This tool is one of the most affordable email marketing must-haves out there. It has helped many different companies to deliver these important first time emails for years. If you are offering a special incentive for sign-ups (such as videos or e-books), an auto responder is the perfect way to deliver them. You can quickly and easily upload the file to a file sharing host, place the download link in one of the first newsletters, and have it automatically send to the customer upon email confirmation. Therefore, this tool can take care of two very important tasks when a subscriber signs up: email confirmation and incentive delivery.

Taking Care of Subscriber Replies to Newsletters

While it may not happen often, subscribers will attempt to reply to the email address that the newsletter has been sent from. When they do, an auto responder can be set up for this purpose. Usually, it is to let the subscriber know that his or her email may not have been read. Instead, they can be provided with an alternative way to contact you within the auto responder’s email.

For large email campaigns and companies, this feature is highly important. They could receive several thousand replies when a single newsletter is sent to an email list. This auto responder makes it effortless to redirect the reader to an alternative method of contact that will be successful, rather than making the reader feel as if he or she was ignored.

In short, auto responders can save a business time, and its reputation. Readers do not always understand that the email address the newsletter comes from is usually not checked up on continuously by the company; and when they do not receive a response, it can be perceived as rude.

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