Model Your Town Competition: Cast your vote!

Model Your Town Competition

For those of you who are avid followers of the Google Model Your Town Competition, there’s exciting news for you. The first ever Google Model Your Town Competition is now open for public voting so those you dying to pick your favorite one as the winner, you now have your chance. You now have the power to decide which of the top five finalists deserves to be the overall dinner. However, to get your preference to count, you need to vote before May 1st. The top 5 finalists are:

    1. Barranco – Lima, Peru
    2. Braunschweig – Niedersachsen, Germany
    3. Donostia, San Sebastian – Gipuzkoa, Spain
    4. Dursley – Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    5. West Palm Beach – Florida, United States

      The five teams used Google SketchUp and Google Building Maker to recreate beautiful, 3D models of their original communities and now, their work is viewable to everyone around the world on Google Earth. And if you wish to see all of the towns that entered the competition, you can do that too by checking out the Google 3D Warehouse collection.

      The prize is big and well thought out. The winning team will have an event hosted in their honor by Google, they will receive a cash prize of US $10,000 and more. The winning town will be announced by May 15th and remember if you want your favorite to win, don’t forget to vote by May 1st. If you too want to build your model town and are interested in learning how to do so, you can check out Your World in 3D website for examples and for other tools to help you get started.

      [youtube Z4J_FZcyH6o 500 375]

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